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Migration to React Native | Ep #13

Migration to React Native | Ep #13


Introduction to our podcast and guests

Migration to React Native | Ep #13

In the 13th episode of The React Native Show, Łukasz Chludziński and his guest, Michał Chudziak, will explore the topic of migrating from different technologies (native and React web) to React Native.

About our guest

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Michał Chudziak, a Head of Delivery Department at Callstack, on a daily basis, takes care of scaling our technical team and helping our engineers to develop their skills. He’s experienced in mobile & web application development, solution design, and technical project management.

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What's inside this Episode?

The 13th episode of The React Native Show podcast is fully focused on migrating from different technologies to React Native, two most popular approaches to this process (greenfield and brownfield software development), and our state of art brownfield approach.

In the first part of the conversation, our experts start by explaining why it is worthwhile to invest time, effort, and money in migrating from native and web solutions to React Native. 

You’ll listen about:

  • What are the main reasons companies want to migrate either apps to React Native?
  • The most common migration scenarios?
  • What are the most common problems during the migration process?

And more. 

The second part is focused on planning the whole migration process and picking up the right approach to do it. Here, our expert Michał is answering such questions as:

  • Where do we start with the migration process? What should people be prepared for? 
  • Are we talking strictly about mobile here, or can I migrate web applications to React Native as well? 
  • What are greenfield and brownfield software development?

In the next, third part of the podcast, Łukasz and Michał take a deep dive into brownfield development, Callstack’s state of art of this approach and React Native Brownfield OS library. You’ll find out:

  • Is there any template for migrating apps with the brownfield approach?
  • How does Callstack use brownfield?
  • What, why, and how? General overview of the React Native Brownfield library.

In the last, but not least, part of the podcast, Łukasz and Michał talk about migration from React (web) to React Native. 

  • How to migrate React app to React Native?
  • Is it a good idea?
  • And is it even a migration? Or maybe more like conversion?

Pick your favourite platform and find answers for all these questions!

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