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What we deliver

We help to develop fast-performing web applications by means of the best technologies from the React Universe. Our expertise extends to testing, deployment, monitoring, and much more.

Web application

That is fast, responsive, and has great user experience

Full technical documentation

Including app architecture, used libraries, contributing guide, and guidelines

Testing, deployment & monitoring

To ensure a seamless and error-free app experience

Trainings level A

State management with Redux

Every app we write has some kind of state – it could be a shopping list or a gym schedule. The more complex our apps get, the more state they need to manage, hence the need for managing it properly. One of the most popular state management libraries is Redux – a single-tree storage based on Flux architecture.

Trainings level A


Let’s say you have a perfect bug-free app you’re very proud of. Does it change over time? How many developers work within the same codebase? How familiar are they with this code? How do you ensure your code is still perfect? The answer is automated testing, and this workshop is all about it. Let’s take a deep dive into this fascinating world to boost your confidence from shipping to production!

Trainings level A

Navigation in React Native

Navigation has been a hot topic in React Native from day one. There have been many attempts to solve it. All of them follow different concepts and might fit better or worse for different use-cases. In this section we’ll present market leading solutions and teach participants about their differences and when to use one or another.

Trainings level A

Intro to React

The following course provides a basic introduction to all of the concepts behind React. The scope of this module lets participants understand the architecture of React and includes the patterns used in daily development. It contains all the knowledge required to get up and running with React.

Trainings level A

Intro to modern JavaScript

This module is designed to help people who don’t have much experience with JavaScript or haven’t had a chance to work with modern JavaScript codebases. It will provide a good technical background to start working with React and React Native or JavaScript in general.

Trainings level A

Essential React Native

In this workshop, attendees will learn how to build a real mobile app that's indistinguishable from an app built using Objective-C or Java. React Native uses the same fundamental UI building blocks as regular iOS and Android apps. You just put those building blocks together using JavaScript and React. We’ll guide participants through the framework, ecosystem, syntax, and best practices to build a real-world application.

Trainings level B

Universal React

One of the biggest advantages of React in comparison to other cross-platform technologies is the fact that it supports not only mobile platforms, but also web browsers. In this workshop we’ll play with ReactXP, the library that builds abstraction over React Native, React Web and React Windows. The scope of this workshop is to introduce best practices in writing cross-platform apps, present the best techniques to write code that will be universal across platforms, and provide a few ideas on how to handle the differences in a gentle way.

Trainings level B

Working with native modules

The goal of this workshop is to show participants how to write native modules that work well with React Native. We’ll show how to write such a module using Swift and Kotlin. Participants will learn how to bridge not only the APIs but also the native views that are ready to be used in JavaScript.

Trainings level B

React Native Performance

The following course is designed for developers who have production experience with React Native. The scope dives deep into the native side of the framework. It’s a very low level in terms of React Native development. The course tackles a lot of the iOS and Android application development topics. It’s perfect for gaining a wide overview of mobile app creation, and lets you look at React Native in a different way.

Trainings level B

Delightful UX with React Native

Modern applications contain a lot of beautiful designs and highly focus on user experience. The basic React Native knowledge is in most cases not enough to ship a 5-star store application. This module is designed for developers who already have some experience in writing React Native but want to extend their knowledge in terms of writing beautiful and usable applications. We’ll tackle navigation and animation-related topics that can make all the difference for the end users of the application.

Trainings level B

Continuous integration & continuous deployment

Automation of development and deployment flows are really important these days. Not only that not many companies can afford a dedicated DevOps team to handle the releases, but also that the human factor might slow down a lot of the things in the delivery process. This workshop is aimed at teaching participants how to create an automated pipeline that will increase your code quality by performing various checks and deliver the builds to the testers or the stores with simple git merges.

Trainings level B

Concurrent React

As Dan Abramov, co-author of Redux and one of the main Reactjs contributors tweeted: “Concurrent React is not a set of new APIs. It’s more like lifting some restrictions on what React can do.” This is exactly what this section is about. We’ll introduce new concepts (and the corresponding APIs) of React 16+ that makes it even more asynchronous and prepares developers to write the next generation React code.

Trainings level B

Code quality with Flow

The code quality section is crucial for developers that are new to the React or React Native ecosystem. We introduce the tooling that is used to help teams develop better products and improve code stability. The static type analysis tool used in this module is Flowtype.

Trainings level B

Code quality with TypeScript

The code quality section is crucial for developers who are new to the React or React Native ecosystem. We introduce the tooling that is used to help teams develop better products and improve code stability. The static type analysis tool used in this module is TypeScript.

Trainings level B

Deep dive into React

The content of this course is designed for developers who have some experience with React. Those who have been working with React for a while and are looking to improve their skills should benefit the most from this workshop. Participants should be able to write more declarative code and design their components in a way that allows apps to scale well.

Trainings level B

Apollo-client masterclass

GraphQL is becoming more popular every day. It’s a step forward in the communication between front end and back end. It simplifies a lot of the things, especially on the front-end side. It introduces the techniques required to write real-life apps based on GQL and Apollo. This workshop is designed for people that are either not yet familiar with GraphQL itself or want to improve their skills in Apollo Client usage.

Callstack Cosmos

How you will benefit from web app development with Callstack

The Callstack team will take your web app development project to the next level. Our broad experience in building web applications and proactive attitude to cooperation with our clients guarantee a smooth release and a delightful user experience.

What you get

Responsive web application

  • Easy adaptation and expansion to thanks to the feature-oriented design and team structure
  • A configurable product tailored to your needs 
  • A web application that meets your users’ performance requirements

Futureproof frameworks

  • Well structured and up-to-date code that lays solid foundation for further maintenance and development
  • A reliable web app with a minimized occurrence of bugs

Smarter processes

  • Accelerated development without compromising on the quality of your web app
  • A seamless transfer of expertise with your in-house development team
  • Full documentation enabling your team to continue the maintenance of the project and its further development

What challenges we address

Need for a proof of concept (POC)

Execution of a custom design implementation

Release of a minimum viable product (MVP) to gather user feedback

Expansion to additional platforms for increased reach and user base

Our process

How we work in your web app development project

  • Understanding your goals and particular needs
  • Discovery phase (PM, BA, Technical expert)
  • Scope mapping, prioritization & estimation: Architecture, Features, User Stories, Testing, Deployment and Monitoring
  • MVP development
  • The iterative and agile delivery process, fully adjusted to your needs
  • Ongoing deployment, testing & monitoring

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Instead of splitting development across multiple languages, platforms, and teams, React Universe combines front and back-end development with cross-platform capabilities using a single programming model.

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