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Meet the Team of
Callstack Experts

We are a great team of trusted React and React Native experts - passionate about what we do!

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Meet our Callstack development team

We contribute to many Open Source projects and organize the only 100% React Native and community-driven conference in Europe - React Native EU.

We are Open Source community leaders
Join us and be a part of something bigger

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Meet our Callstack business team

We deliver tons of great software thanks to intensive work of our management, sales, marketing, HR and PM teams.

Co-Founder & Supervisory Board Member.

Anna Lankauf

Krzysztof helps companies to choose well-suited cross-platform development solutions. Backed by IT Operations and IT Project Management background he oversees the whole process from defining needs to implementation to make it hit your business goals!

Krzysztof Pawlak

Head of Marketing at Callstack with experience in B2B marketing and sales enablement. In his work he combines data with creativity. In his free time he loves doing nothing.

Sławek Kamiński

As an HR Business Partner, Adka provides a support for Callstack management and employees in all activities undertaken in the field of human potential management. Focused to handle everything from onboarding and benefits to compliance and employee relations. A big fan of Insights Discovery model, working intensively on implementing it to our company. :) Passioned about traveling and a big coffee lover!

Ada Stryjewska

Market analyst and super specialist in finance. Passionate about numbers - all financial indicators (and not only ones) are always at her fingertips. She loves challenges and nothing is impossible for her. A great lover of sports and plants, who spread good energy and a dose of motivation every day.

Agnieszka Czmochowska

Leading and growing an Account Management Team at Callstack. Focused on ensuring we provide the best customer experience and consulting value to our partners. Adventure seeker and travel lover, enjoys exploring new places, cuisines and cultures.

Ada Gawrysiak

Barbara makes sure that every event inside and outside the company runs smoothly. She is also responsible for organizing our React Native EU conference. When there is free time, she loves to travel, watch basketball games or rollerskate around the city.

Barbara Markiewicz

Responsible for web design & development, and all marketing materials for Callstack and React Native EU conference. A great cinema, wine and travel lover. Cofounder of Kino na Trójkącie and Wina i Kina - cinema related initiatives.

Magdalena Kruk

Senior Content Marketer who takes care of content creation, distribution, and promotion in line with the best SEO and SEM practices. She's always on the lookout for new ideas and promotion strategies. Whenever possible, she does her aerial hoop classes and explores new places from her bucket list.

Hanna Sobolewska

Project Management Team Lead responsible for looking after Callstack’s PM team and supporting them with managing projects. Ronnie is all about people and relationships. A perfectionist, a doer, and a multitasker. In love with sandy beaches, Australia, and psychology.

Weronika Czekalska

As a part of HR team mainly responsible for moving candidates through the recruitment processes smoothly and building the best Callstack team. Always excited about meeting new people.In less than 2.5 years at Callstack, witnessed the expansion of the team from 40 to more than 130 people. Passionate about dancing, going to the gym and traveling.

Marta Sirko

Senior IT Project Manager with hands-on experience in complex projects delivery. Believes that transparent communication is the key to success. As the System Engineer, she prides herself on an analytical mind with excellent problem-solving skills. In her spare time, she either teaches ballroom dancing or flies in a wind tunnel.

Monika Szczygieł

Has an experience in working in both: front and back-office. Feels better with spreadsheets, but always there to help with invoices, payments, and paperwork. Likes multitasking and ad-hoc tasks, but also appreciates the regular cycle of financial work. Trying to become a spreadsheet hero. A cat person who loves to cook - everything tastes better with cat hair in it! ;)

Monika Stotko

Kasia translates HR as Human Relations. A big fan of people and their hidden potential. She supports Callstack team in well-being, skills development as well as operational tasks and retention strategies. She also leads HRBP & Admin Team.

Katarzyna Boruń - Robakowska

Project Manager responsible for the successful delivery of the project. She appreciates the uniqueness of people and believes that together we can achieve more than alone. A fan of well-organized processes and organising things in such a way that they are not as overwhelming as they may seem.If she had to choose one (the only) program she would use for the rest of her life, it would probably be Excel.Enjoys good books, long walks and spending time with loved ones.

Adrianna Piasecka-Marini

Former IT Senior Project Manager with 9+ years of experience both in large multinational corporations and SMBs. Currently expanding his business expertise and utilizing networking skills in the Account Management Team. Based on his background, loves working with all sizes of customers on complex, strategic accounts. Has a knack for problem-solving and enjoys creative brainstorming. After hours amateur basketball player, with a passion for sitcoms,  podcasts and tattoos.

Arkadiusz Biczysko

Ambitious IT Project Manager with big dreams. Responsible for overseeing all aspects of project planning and execution using her coordination, leadership, and motivational skills. Experienced with Scrum and Kanban with a broad understanding of the principles and objectives of these frameworks. An active member of PMI Poland, responsible for the Facebook and Linkedin communication. She loves snowboarding in winter and canoeing in summer.

Katarzyna Łazarska

Project Manager with an experience in Web development who loves to make development easier for the whole team. As an ex-developer, he has great understanding of the client and developers needs. Personally, huge F1 fan and semi-professional simracing driver.

Sławomir Wiśniewski

Jakub is responsible for establishing relationships with new clients and introducing them to React Native technology. Besides sales, Jakub's passions include riding a bike (preferably on a bikepacking trip), sports like basketball or volleyball and video games.

Jakub Stadniczuk

IT Sourcer aka Sorcerer of Callstack 🔮, as part of the HR team, is mainly responsible for finding the best developers to our dream company. Constantly seeking for new ways/sources to recruit candidates. Privately, loves to play on the console, listen to R&B music from the 90's and getting into Japanese culture.

Tomasz Krupiński

Recruitment Specialist, responsible for conducting end to end recruitment processes. Focused on bringing new  IT talents to the Callstack team. Passionate about graphic design (always with a cup of morning coffee in hand) and sailing.

Katarzyna Piotrowska

PM with a customer-centric approach. She understands the importance of teamwork and always lives up to her commitments. While focused on the day-to-day tasks, she ensures that the project's goal and mission are always remembered. Used to present live demos in front of big audiences, so she's always open to public speaking challenges. Besides work, she enjoys rollerblading, skiing, and dance classes, which help her stay active all year.

Natalia Gros

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