Behind the Scenes of React Native 0.74 Release

Join the release crew members to find out what new features and improvements React Native 0.74 brings to the cross-platform development world.

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Hur Ali
Hur Ali
Alex Hunt
Alex Hunt

On the day when React Native 0.74 goes live, we give you an exclusive peek behind the scenes of this release. Tune in to an in-depth discussion on what React Native 0.74 brings to the table, from new features and promising enhancements to deprecated feature removals and changes.

To discuss the ins and outs of the latest React Native version, as well as the recent improvements to the release process, Łukasz is joined by two members of the release crew:

  • Hur Ali, who’s also a member of the performance optimization team at Callstack,
  • Alex Hunt, an Engineer at Meta for the React Developer Experience team.

Topics covered

  • Yoga 3.0 major release 
  • Introduction of Bridgeless mode by default 
  • Batched onLayoutUpdates for improved performance
  • Yarn 3 as the default package manager
  • Android 6 SDK bump for enhanced modernization and reduced app size
  • Deprecated features like PropTypes and iOS push notifications
  • Significant improvements in the React Native release process for better efficiency and sustainability



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