Brownfield Development with React Native

The sixth episode focuses on React Native integration with brownfield development. Mike Grabowski and his guest, Michał Chudziak, explore the brownfield approach to building apps with React Native.

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Mike Grabowski
Mike Grabowski

The podcast is fully dedicated to brownfield app development. It covers the following topics:

  • Greenfield vs. brownfield projects
  • Starting a brownfield project
  • Gradual adoption when integrating new app components
  • Business benefits of brownfield development with React Native
  • Challenges faced by developers running brownfield projects
  • React Native Brownfield library

In the first part, Mike and his guest explain what brownfield development means in practice: how it differs from greenfield development, what it’s like to work brownfield, and why brownfield development and React Native are a perfect match.

The challenges in brownfield projects

Based on his own experience, Michał discusses the challenges that app developers are likely to face in brownfield projects. He also shares an actual example of a challenging project so you can hear first-hand what solutions worked best!

The second part focuses on Michał’s brainchild - React Native Brownfield library. Our guest describes its current status and plans for future developments. He also gives details as to what’s inside an Android and iOS package or how the library can facilitate the workflow of React Native developers and native teams.

Play the episode on your favorite platform. You can have little or no experience with React Native brownfield - our experts will explain it all.

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