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Coffee Talk #5 – React Native Programming Languages


Introduction to our podcast and guests

Coffee Talk #5 – React Native Programming Languages

In the fifth episode of Coffee Talk, Łukasz Chludziński and Abi Thiao discuss React Native programming languages. They share their insights on:

  • very simple JavaScript,
  • more complicated native languages, for example, Java or Swift, and
  • some exotic programming languages, like Lua

About our guest

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Abraham Thiao – Senior React Native Developer at Callstack. He’s skilled in design work, frontend, backend, and mobile development.

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What's inside this Episode?

In the fifth episode of Coffee Talk, Łukasz and Abi dive deep into the topic of React Native languages. They start by discussing some basics – JavaScript and Typescript- and their benefits. 

Then they move to the native languages. Łukasz and Abi start by talking about Android native language – Java and Kotlin. They talk about the history of those programming languages, whether it’s easy to learn Java, and the IDE support for “grown up” programming languages. 

Next is iOS, and Abi and Łukasz share their opinions on Objective-C and Swift. Discover Łukasz and Abi’s opinion on Objective-C and how you can quickly learn Swift by developing simple iPad games. 

Windows uses C# under the hood, but you can use many different languages in this operating system. You can learn more about React Native and other programming languages used in the MS Office suite. 

Regarding exotic languages, Łukasz shares an interesting aspect – you can use other programming languages to write in, for example, Kotlin, and your program will compile a JavaScript file. That JavaScript file will be an entry point for your application. 

Łukasz talks about his experience with Reason ML, a language from ML (meta-language family). Discover what he likes most about Reason ML. 

Abi shares his thoughts and use cases on Lua.

Łukasz and Abi end their conversation with a short intro to React Native’s new architecture and how it impacts C++, another React Native language. 

So, pick your favorite streaming platform and dive deep into the topic of React Native languages!

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