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Business Conduct

To Drive & Accelerate Software Development Innovation

The above sentence describes our mission as a software consultancy team. But, it wouldn’t be possible without great experts we have on board and their drive for doing great things. Our team is our greatest advantage over the competitors. We started as a really small group of friends but, over the years, our team has been growing dynamically. And, to maintain the great team spirit we share, we need to keep our standards in place.

Our values

We don’t follow best practices. We set them!

To stay in line with our vision that describes us as the leaders in React Native and cross-platform development and fulfill our mission “To drive and accelerate software development innovation” and to create a peaceful, diverse and open working environment, we worked out a set of our core values. 

We are seeking constant improvements, always ready to discuss, challenge and brainstorm ideas.

We are challenging existing solutions, the reality.

We are helpful, part of the React Native community, contributing, being a part of a larger group.

We create equal opportunities and make things easily accessible. All of our actions make the open source community more diverse.

We are top notch experts in what we do, and we are constantly striving for highest excellence when it comes to React & React Native development. 


Open Source leaders

Callstack is known for its contributions to the React Native open source community. We believe that open source is one of the top priorities in our business. We use it and, likewise, we want to give back.
All our projects enforce the Contributor Covenant code of conduct.


Raising concerns

Callstack can be contacted internally by its employees or by anyone outside in the community that has something to say. For internal matters, we are obliged to raise concerns if we observe them. Callstack ensures that:
This can be done Anonymously. Any retaliation against an employee who raises an issue is a violation of this CodeFalse accusations are also a violation of this Code.
Contact person: Radek Chrzempka - Head of HR.


Let's work together!

Need help with React or React Native? Let us know!

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