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React Native Development on Windows | Ep #8


Introduction to our podcast and guests

React Native Development on Windows | Ep #8

In the eighth episode Mike Grabowski and his guest, Bartosz Klonowski, discuss React Native Windows development. They explain why you should consider React Native when building a desktop app and when React Native Windows is the best choice for desktop.

About our guest

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Bartosz Klonowski is a software engineer experienced in many UI technologies but truly passionate about desktop. When creating software, he tries to be pragmatic and he follows the values of Software Craftsmanship.

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What's inside this Episode?

The episode explores React Native for Windows. Mike and Bartosz reveal why we should think about React Native Windows in terms of desktop development.

At the beginning, they talk about JavaScript and other languages used to develop desktop applications: what’s made them an obvious choice for desktop so far, what they let you do, and what advantages or disadvantages they may have.

Then Mike and his guest move on to compare React Native Windows with other frameworks popular in the desktop development scene, especially Electron. Bartosz explains the difference between React Native and Electron, and points out the key benefits of React Native Windows. 

Later on, the episode focuses on the development workflow from the perspective of an experienced Electron developer and Windows developer. Bartosz outlines an ideal set of skills that would make development with React Native Windows a breeze.

Last but not least, Bartosz gives practical advice on how to get started with React Native for Windows, and when and how to migrate to React Native Windows once you have a native application.  

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