Improving performance of a React Native app: Expensify Case Study

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Date, Place & Time
Wednesday, March 20, 2024
7:00 pm
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Łukasz Chludziński
Łukasz Chludziński
Adam Horodyski
Adam Horodyski
Jakub Stadniczuk
Jakub Stadniczuk
React Galaxy City
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About the event

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Improving the performance of a React Native app can be a challenge. Expensify, a leading spend management software for receipts, took up that challenge and decided to improve the performance of its app. Now, Adam Horodyski, one of the software engineers working on the app will share his insights into the ins and outs of this open source project.

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What will you learn

Before you start working on React Native app performance, you need to know on what issues you should focus your attention. This webinar will guide through the process of identifying, measuring, solving, and monitoring performance. What's waiting for you?

  1. What the DMAIC process is and how to use it
  2. Deep dive into technical aspects of improving the crucial problem of Expensify app
  3. How to monitor performance so that you can focus on more pleasant aspects of app development
  4. Key highlights from our case study

All that will be delivered by Adam Horodyski, Łukasz Chludziński – React Native experts with years of practical experience working on the most complicated problems of React Native.

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Meet your hosts

Callstack astronaut

Experienced React Native Developer with a background in Android development. Specialising in creating apps for multiple platforms: mobile, web and TV. Known for attention to detail and proactive approach. Constantly learning to stay ahead of industry trends and experiment with new ideas. Host of The React Native Show Podcast and Mentor in the field of Community and Trainings at Callstack.

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Łukasz Chludziński

Expert Software Engineer
Callstack astronaut

Full-stack developer with years of experience in building web apps with React. In love with everything around JavaScript and a big fan of serverless. Productivity geek, enjoying learning in any form. Interested in all things: React, Jamstack & serverless. Started programming to create a (yet another) social media platform.

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Adam Horodyski

Software Engineer
Callstack astronaut

Jakub is responsible for establishing relationships with new clients and introducing them to React Native technology. Besides sales, Jakub's passions include riding a bike (preferably on a bikepacking trip), sports like basketball or volleyball and video games.

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Jakub Stadniczuk

Business Development Manager

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