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Super app development
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Build an all-in-one platform for your business

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"Callstack is one of the best software teams I've ever worked with. They plug into your team and process seamlessly. They are responsive and professional. I've worked with a lot of software contractors and firms. Callstack is simply the best."

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Why develop
a super app?

Keep the user within your application - create a super app that centralizes various services in one place. Offer a unique all-in-one experience, reach a wide international audience, and build a stronger digital presence.

Business benefits of super apps

The super app model brings serious competitive advantages and major benefits to business owners. What comes with super app development?

Seamless UX

Creating a one-stop service portal minimizes registration hassle and offers the user an overall reduction of friction.

Global reach

Having a super application opens up the opportunity to reach a wider, potentially converting audience effortlessly.

Brand growth

The model can give your company a stronger digital presence, bigger brand awareness and worldwide recognition.

Developing a super app

When building a super app, you can adopt any of the following approaches depending on what you opt for: native or cross-platform development.
Native Android application with Feature Delivery
Native iOS application with WebViews
Cross-platform React Native application
with Metro
Cross-platform React Native application
with Webpack and Re.Pack
At Callstack, we highly recommend going for cross-platform solutions with React Native. React Native offers the best user experience and the best set of tradeoffs thanks to the ability to use code splitting, especially in the case of super app development. And Re.Pack is a great option for this kind of use case.

Why build super apps with Webpack and Re.Pack?

Re.Pack gives the ability to leverage Webpack’s code splitting functionalities in React Native applications. This means you can use stable and widely-used code splitting support from Webpack to build super apps with the best experience for the customer. With Webpack and Re.Pack there are generally three approaches to super app development, depending on your project specifics, requirements and limitations: 
Async chunks
Dynamic scripts
Module Federation (coming soon)
After a close analysis, we will prepare a customized plan for you together with a migration path to make it happen. We tailor every aspect of the architecture to your needs. 
Before we get down to developing your super app, we will discuss trade-offs, benefits, knowledge and documentation to help your team develop and maintain the application in the long run.


Developing super apps with Re.Pack

We created Re.Pack - an Open Source project to make the process of developing super apps faster and easier. Learn more about Re.Pack

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business benefits

Why React Native?

Building an all-in-one platform can bring your company a lot of business and tech benefits like seamless UX experience, global reach, brand growth just to name a few. To learn more about the benefits of using React Native to develop super apps, check out the MoMo case study. Where we helped improve app's performance by migrating architecture to Re.Pack.


Let's work together!

We can develop a super app like Gojek or WeChat - tell us what you need and let’s take it from there! Contact us to discuss your super app development project.

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