7 Cups App Upgrade Generates a 130% Increase in the Number of Users

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“I appreciate their attention to detail, flexible approach and a high degree of expertise. I definitely recommend the Callstack team!”

Glen Moriarty
Founder and CEO of 7 Cups

In brief

We optimized the client’s mobile app performance and introduced a custom tool to measure performance regressions. We set up performance tests and documentation to enable a seamless transition of knowledge with the in-house team of developers.

Client Info
Entain is one of the world’s largest sports betting and gaming entertainment groups.
Commercial gaming
Company type
Australia, Asia & Oceania
Tech Info
Performance optimization project with the best practices, approaches & tech solutions
React Native | Native
iOS | Android
Redux | Tanstack | Reassure | GraphQL

Performance Boost


In 87.5% of the screens, the number of rerenders decreased or remained the same, which affected the acceleration of the initial performance.

React Universe

In brief

7 Cups is an online therapy provider that offers paid sessions and free emotional support to people seeking help. It’s a worldwide listening service with both professional therapists and trained listeners. They connect with registered users via their website and mobile app.

Rewriting the 7 Cups app

We were asked to work on the rewrite of the mobile 7 Cups app which was already started by another developer team. We took over the project, reviewed and rewrote all critical app components, made necessary adjustments and added new functionalities.

In the whole process we partnered with the client who took care of backend work, designs and tests. Seven months later a new version of 7 Cups app rolled out.

7 cups app rewrite in numbers - icons with stats

The deeper we dug, the more issues we identified

In the beginning, the workflow itself posed a challenge. We didn’t start the project from scratch and that meant we needed to carefully analyze the existing elements. The deeper we dug, the more issues we identified:

Code base

The code base was in poor shape and as such needed refactoring. The previous socket implementation wasn’t working correctly and there were a lot of issues with code quality (i.e. massive copy-paste repetitions, a poor static code analysis, duplicates in stylesheets).

Payment methods

For users considering a professional therapy, there were no payment methods available in the app, which was a serious inconvenience. Payment options had to be added to enable paying by credit card for an online therapy and making an in-app purchase for digital content.

In-app linking

There were internal links in the app going to the web platform. Following them, the user left the application and ended up on 7 Cups website. That was definitely something to fix. Implementing an in-app linking feature is one of the ways to keep the user in the app. And the user should stay in the app.

Last but not least, what was also a bit challenging was to build the client’s trust. We were positive, however, that our expertise combined with hard work, full commitment and close cooperation will produce the desired result.

Where did we start? We began with code refactoring

For maximum effect, we decided to adopt an agile collaboration model in which our team closely cooperated with the client and his team. It allowed us to make swift adaptations to the original scope of work and, this way, meet the always changing needs and requirements.

In short, we took care of the following:

  • Socket refactoring
  • A proper static code analysis
  • App payment methods
  • Migration to Typescript
  • In-app linking
  • Major dependencies upgrade (e.g. Expo, React Native, React Navigation, React Query)
  • Full app restructuring
  • Web content integration

Where did we start? We began with code refactoring. We had to refactor the whole socket first to be able to deliver new features and designs. That wasn’t planned originally and it hindered our further work for some time. However, doing the refactoring was an important milestone – it boosted the pace of development in the second phase of the project.

Another biggie was taking care of the app payment methods. We created two options for users who want to get an access to an extended version of the app or to pay for an online therapy:

  1. in-app purchase which uses Google Play or App Store to process payments for the extended app content
  2. credit card payment which allows for charging the user card on a regular basis (as long as their therapy lasts)

Also, we sorted out in-app linking, integrated content so that the client could use the website content, implemented html rendering in the place of normal text, and much more.

We provided full frontend support together with the project’s configuration, feature parity and expert advice on various technical and user experience aspects. We implemented a new design guideline including dark mode with auto theme detection as well.

phone screens displaying 7 Cups app

Fresh look and improved functionality

Throughout the project, we closely collaborated with the client who took care of backend work, designs and tests. Our mutual efforts and successful partnership resulted in a fresh look and improved functionality.

A new version of 7 Cups app already came out in January and is available in both Google Play and App Store. Since 7 Cups provides therapy and counseling, it was especially important for us to ensure the upgraded version is up and running. As it definitely is, we are happy with the job done. Our solutions were practical and effective, and so are the ongoing improvements in the app maintenance phase.

screenshots with the app reviews

The challenges we’ve solved so far

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