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Developing apps with React.js 

React is a JavaScript library that lets you create beautiful user interfaces for websites and applications. It’s one of the most popular JS libraries - according to the Stack Overflow 2020 survey, React is the second most-loved frontend tech.

No wonder you’d like to develop your app with React! Our expert team of React developers can take your React project to the next level. We provide a variety of React.js services such as web app development, cross-platform development or PWA development


Scalable web applications

React was created especially for building components for web applications. The library is a kind of industry standard applied both in small apps and giant platforms like Facebook. It’s only natural then to develop web apps with React - you can expect stable and scalable solutions. 

Our broad experience in building React applications and a proactive attitude to cooperation with our clients is a guarantee for a smooth release of your web app and delightful user experience.


Easy launch on new platforms

The React declarative approach to UI rendering and the ability to run JavaScript in almost any environment enables code sharing on platforms that never had anything in common such as mobile and web.

While you can technically share up to 100% of the code across all the platforms, the flexibility and adaptability of React and React Native make it easy to provide platform-specific features when necessary.

We have unrivaled experience in developing cutting-edge applications on many platforms. That’s why we guarantee that our work is not only shared on targeted platforms as much as possible, but is also compliant with the most demanding platform guidelines as it keeps the platform-specific nuances.


Analyze your code

You don't need to release a fully-fledged mobile app in order to improve overall user experience for the mobile web. You can do it right from the browser by releasing a mobile version of the website that works and interacts just like a mobile app.

React is perfectly suited for PWAs with its rich ecosystem focused on mobile and accessibility. Thanks to React Native, the code that runs as a PWA can also be run as a part of a regular mobile app, giving you the best of both worlds at the same time.


Bring power of web to desktop

You can use Electron to move our web applications out of the browser sandbox and do desktop interactions that wouldn't be possible otherwise, e.g. working with documents and the file system.

Thanks to web technologies you can reuse existing JavaScript code and develop the product much faster, especially when compared to regular Windows or MacOS development.

At Callstack, we are constantly looking for new ways to accelerate cross-platform development and new ways of sharing the code between them. And Electron plays an important role in the process.

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