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Not only does Callstack have tremendously talented engineers, but I know they care about the success of the project as much as I do. Having a true partner is a wonderful experience and gives us the ability to move so much faster than we could without them

TC Davis

Why build a mobile app with React Native?

Build one app that runs on every platform. With a native feeling.
Deliver mobile solutions with less effort by using reusable components.

How does it work?

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React Native mobile apps are built of reusable and non-platform specific components.
The first step is to create components or use the existing ones.

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Components are combined to create a desirable screen either by using existing open source components or creating ones on your own.

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When the previous steps are completed, it’s time to choose the platform.
Since all the components work on mobile, web and desktop, the application automatically works on them all.

Biggest Brands
in the World
Use React Native

Reduced time-to-market of the mobile app by 50%


Rebuilt the Restaurant Dashboard by creating an effortless, reliable interface


Made the mobile application startup time twice faster


Used React Native in nearly 38 of their products including: Word, Excel, Xbox, and many others


What is special about React Native Mobile Development?

Building cross-platform apps with a native feel gives you a serious competitive advantage. Here are the benefits of using React Native for mobile app development.

icon Write once, run everywhere

Write once, run everywhere

Once built, React Native components can work on iOS, Android, Windows, tvOS and more.

icon Faster development process

Faster development process

Interfaces are composed out of smaller building blocks, reducing the code duplication.

icon Fast Refresh

Fast Refresh

Thanks to JavaScript, React Native can iterate faster than ever before.
Just save, see, repeat.

icon Seamless cross-platform

Seamless cross-platform

By wrapping existing native code and interacting it with native APIs via React’s declarative paradigm and JavaScript, React components make developers’ work faster.

icon Designed for all

Designed for all

React Native guarantees the same superb performance on all devices regardless of the platform used.

icon No compromises on user experience

No compromises on user experience

React Native allows you to create truly native applications with no harm to the user experience.

What you can do with React Native

What can you achieve with React Native and how your business can benefit from React Native mobile development

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Achieved a stable app with a low error rate that allowed them to deliver a flawless user experience.
Outcomes and business benefits:

Stable solution with a low error rate providing a flawless user experience.
Quick and effortless user onboarding thanks to the ability to set up a WiFi network without leaving the app.

Client screen preview
Client logo
Developed a fast-loading app with a native feeling on both iOS and Android.
Outcomes and business benefits:

Improved navigation for both Android and iOS.
Native code can be reused in React Native keeping a native feeling of the application on every platform.
Everything is in one repository with the React Native version in sync.

Client screen preview

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Business benefits of React Native

Take a look at business advantages of developing mobile apps using React Native

Costs reduction

  • One development team ships for all platforms - team size and costs can be reduced up to 50%
  • Less code equals smaller maintenance costs

Rapid time-to-market

  • Launch faster than your competition by using the common blocks
  • Short path from ideas to production

Faster upgrades and updates

  • Address bugs in real-time by shipping Over-The-Air updates
  • No need to wait for Apple and Google to approve fixes

Quick extension to new platforms

  • Once written, features can be shipped to any platform
  • No need to have teams dedicated to native apps
Access to the biggest pool of developers
  • Work with JavaScript developers - the biggest community of programmers on the market
  • Build a stable and healthy development team
User Experience
  • Native look and feel
  • Great app performance

Why partner with

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On the market since 2016

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Official Facebook partners

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Core Contributors to React Native

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Proud member of React Native community

icon Open source

Owners and maintainers of popular Open Source projects

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Experienced in working with a wide range of clients, from startups to enterprises

Learn more about React Native Mobile Development

We love React Native and we could talk about it for hours. Visit our blog to find out more about the benefits of React Native:

How do we work?

We offer flexible solutions adjusted to your needs. Our process is crafted to fit small and enterprise clients.

We join your team, dive into your project and tell you what we can do together. Our partnership model of collaboration can be broken down into six steps:

How it looks in practice


Initial call

We set up an initial call to understand your application and learn about the issues you have.



Based on the initial call, we prepare a proposal and assign you a developer that best suits your needs in terms of skills and knowledge.


Research phase

We become your team members to learn everything about your project and organization. We join your meetings, chat with your programmers to look at the project from your perspective.


Pair-programming and knowledge sharing

We cooperate with your developers on your project and share our knowledge with them at the same time. 


Report with measurable improvements

At the end of the first month, we present you a report with our recommendations based on the research described in Step 3.You decide if you want to continue the cooperation or implement what we recommend yourself.


Further cooperation and support

Once you decide to continue the cooperation, we will implement the recommendations and support your further efforts. We will be happy to guide you through your next steps. You can always count on our expertise.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Callstack to others, to provide a flexible solution to an existing workforce or on a longer-term basis as part of a remote team

Ben Caulfield
CEO & Co-founder @ Eedi
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