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We partner with startups, SMEs, and enterprises to future-proof their React Native applications and streamline processes.

We provide services in technology we co-create

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React native services

Why choose our React Native development company?

React Native means development efficiency, platform flexibility, and a delightful user experience. Hiring us for your React Native project, you get to enjoy the following benefits:

We provide services in technology we co-create

As Meta partners and React Native Core Contributors, we make the tech behind your project.
We dig deep into your codebase and requirements to propose solutions enabling sustainable business growth.
We offer React Native trainings, so it's not only your product that gets better but also your in-house team.
As your goals change, you can scale your team with senior React Native experts ready to innovate and bulletproof your app.
We maximize communication and development efficiency with Project Manager's engagement and Agile processes.

Take your business to the next level with world-class
React Native development company


How can our React Native development services support your business?


Our partners' success stories

We’ve got you covered on industry-specific challenges and at all stages of product growth, from launch to scaleup and optimization. See how our React Native development services have made a change for our clients:
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What clients say about our React Native development company


Callstack was with us since day one of the development work, and they helped us not only propose, design and ultimately build out the MVPs of some of our major products — they took our team from “zero to hero” in React Native. We whole-heartily recommend Callstack to anyone looking for an elite and world-class team of experts in React Native.

Nguyễn Kỳ Thanh
CMO OneHousing
Matt HargettMatt Hargett

The team at Callstack was able to work with our engineers, Facebook, and the community to craft a solution that reduced our applications’ startup times by over 80%. Their ability to deliver, and follow through, is unparalleled in the React Native ecosystem.

Matt Hargett
Principal Software Engineer at Roblox
Nader DabitNader Dabit

The team at Callstack are the most experienced and trusted engineers in the React Native community and ecosystem. If you are looking to partner with a company for mobile application development and only want to work with the best in the world with a proven track record, then I would suggest meeting with Callstack to see what they have to offer. I promise, you will not be disappointed.

Nader Dabit
Senior Developer Advocate at Amazon Web Services

The development efforts have been wisely evaluated and the final costs are on track with the initial estimates. As a CTO working in the software development field for more than two decades, I can confidently say that I strongly recommend Callstack for any development project related to React Native.

Arnaud Bezançon
CTO at Advantys

Not only does Callstack have tremendously talented engineers, but I know they care about the success of the project as much as I do. Having a true partner is a wonderful experience and gives us the ability to move so much faster than we could without them.

TC Davis
Product Expo
Tom OcchinoTom Occhino

If you're looking for skilled and trusted React Native developers, Callstack is definitely the way to go. They've been around since we open sourced React Native, and are active members of the community. Callstack maintains a bunch of important modules, like the React Native CLI, and also drives all releases. Their experience positions them well to take on any kind of project from building simple apps to setting up complex architectures.

Tom Occhino
Engineering Director
We Are VoiceWe Are Voice

We at We Are Voice realized the need to have a React Native app for our choral music service. In that process, Callstack became a natural development partner for us given their deep knowledge of the platform. Despite the geographical distance, our collaboration has been successful with strong deliveries on time, together with a good communication.

Martin Rolinski
CEO We Are Voice

About Callstack

We’re a team of best-in-class React Native app development experts who not only use technology but actually create it through partnerships with industry leaders and community engagement.

Open Source contributors
We shape the React Native landscape by creating and maintaining Open Source libraries like Paper, Re.Pack, and React Native Testing Library.
Community leaders
We share our experience and educate on React Native app development best practices in The React Native Show podcast and on our blog.
React Native EU organizers
We hold React Native EU conference, Europe's biggest event for developers to network with and learn from Core Contributors and React Native trend-setters.


Your React Native development questions answered

Still not sure how our React Native development services could add value to your business? Read more about our tools, processes, and perks of making us a part of your team.

We provide services in technology we co-create

What things should you consider while selecting a React Native app development company?


When looking to proceed with your React Native project with external help, you should first and foremost consider your current challenges, business goals, and project requirements. An ideal tech partner should specialize in React Native app development, follow tried and tested processes, be transparent in communication, and have experience working with clients similar to yourself in size and industry.

You can run such a preliminary check by browsing the company’s portfolio and reading client reviews on sites like Clutch. Eagerness to share knowledge and give back to the community is also a nice touch that proves you’re dealing with passionate experts – just like ourselves.

What will your React Native app development team look like?


The composition and size of your project team will depend on your business objectives and the challenges you’re struggling with. Having over 140 React Native app development experts on board, we can offer you a small developer task force, an agile team made of a tech lead, mid to senior developers, QAs, and a PM, or anything in between.

Whichever team composition you go for, at Callstack, you’ll find only top React Native experts, who not only code but also give back to the community through a variety of Open Source projects.

What tools do we use working on your React Native app?


The technology behind your project should solve problems and enable business growth, which is why we always match the toolset with your particular needs. There are solutions that will most likely be a part of your React Native app, such as TypeScript, Jest, eslint, prettier.

Your project may also require integrating CI services like GitHub Actions or CircleCI, setting up CD with Fastlane or EAS, or setting up CodePush for OTA. It’s by no means a finished list, as there are plenty of solutions we can implement to facilitate your React Native application development.

What will influence the cost and duration of your React Native project?


Some of the most significant factors affecting the cost of a React Native app development project are the scope of work, the complexity, the deadline, or the team composition. During a discovery call, we discuss with you all of these things, as well as your preferred type of partnership (short-term consultancy or long-term partnership) and pricing model. Bearing that in mind, we prepare a proposal – and if we’re on the same page, start preparing for a project kick-off.

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