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Bring in more customers, increase revenue and provide a safe toolkit by integrating your native SDKs with React Native.

Why React Native?

React Native offers superb performance and a native feel of an app so it’s no wonder that this is a preferred framework for mobile app development. In 2020 React Native was the most popular ecosystem  - it was used by 42 percent of app developers worldwide.

pie chart showing global use of React Native

Why should you integrate a Software Development Kit (SDK) with React Native? There are a number of good reasons to do so, and their bottom line is that SDK integration can simply enhance your business by accessing a greater audience of React Native developers.

Typically, an SDK provides a set of tools and helpers needed to interact with your product on platforms such as Android or iOS. SDK documentation is usually available publicly for every developer to use, which reduces the amount of time spent on native app development on these platforms.

The key thing to realize here is that even the best iOS or Android documentation for your SDK may not be enough for React Native developers to adapt. And this is because they’re forced to write a bridge to your SDK themselves. That’s why creating your own React Native SDK wrapper is crucial to make the integration between your product and React Native apps easier and more time-efficient.

It’s also important because once you have a React Native SDK wrapper, you can provide your customers’ developers with a better development experience and shorten the sales cycles. Now let’s dive into the benefits of creating such a wrapper.

Bigger market access

In terms of the app market itself, it sounds like a wise investment in the future to have a native SDK wrapped in React Native. It gives you access to the variety of apps written in React Native that may want to use your product.

According to the data gathered at, almost 10% of mobile applications globally are now built in React Native, and the framework is expected to be rising in popularity for years to come. You may simply need to use this framework to keep up with the trends and make your products marketable.

With such a wrapper you can integrate your product with your clients’ React Native apps and provide their developers with official React Native support. They don’t have to write their own implementation of React Native bridge to your product. All they need to do is to integrate their apps with your React Native wrapper. Thanks to that solution, the integration process becomes smoother.

What’s more, there are companies such as Klarna, Paytm, and Razorpay which already offer official React Native support for their SDKs and this is something that developers love to have.

Faster integration

Implementing a React Native wrapper to your SDK also accelerates the integration with your clients’ apps and provides a better developer experience (DX) because there is no need to write the integrating code from scratch. Instead of writing a bridge between two separate codebases (your product and your clients’ React Native app) by themselves, they can go through the SDK and find the code that would work for their particular need.

Once written, the code can be used repeatedly to integrate subsequent customers with your product. It significantly speeds up the integration process both on your and the customers’ side. All in all, React Native SDK wrapper makes the whole process shorter and simpler.

Better control

With your own SDK, you have better control over the components of your user interface that integrate with other apps. Now you can manage how your product works with third-party apps, how the integration looks like, and be sure that it provides the best possible user experience. You probably want the same control over React Native wrappers to your SDK.

Notwithstanding this, it is important to remember that while SDK can give you better control over your product and be more secure, it’s recommended to ensure that you are using a stable solution, actively being developed by a trusted provider. Otherwise, your clients would have to use unofficial implementations of React Native bridges to your product. Implementations that can be flawed and offer subpar developer experience you care about.

Customer-focused solution

Another great thing about React Native SDK wrapper is the fact that it’s an affordable solution that increases the versatility of your product. It helps to provide your customers with a wide range of facilities, such as instant access to the latest updates or ability to adjust the integration to their needs in an easy way.

Thanks to the control you have over a React Native interface to your SDK, you can gather valuable insights about how users interact with your service within the app they are using. This kind of data can give you a strong advantage while developing, maintaining, and improving your product.

Cost-saving solution

If we look at the previous aspects of React Native SDK integration, they all contribute to another important business benefit - saving money! How?

Thanks to the faster deployment and quick integration with your customers, you can save money on the developers’ work because one written integration can be reused to cooperate with many apps.

four icons with captions describing React Native SDK benefits


It’s definitely worth considering adding an official React Native wrapper to your SDK. It simply brings concrete long-term benefits for your business such as:

  • bigger market access,
  • faster integration with customers’ apps and better developers experience (DX),
  • better control,
  • better understanding of your client’s needs,
  • and cost reduction.

Even if we take into account the costs of creating a React Native wrapper for your SDK - create the wrapper once and maintain its compatibility with changes in SDK and React Native, having in mind the aforementioned benefits, it still pays off.

What’s more, it’s a technology that is still growing in popularity. As mobile services are becoming interconnected, more and more companies are opting for their own SDK wrapper. These include, as we mentioned before, Klarna, Paytm, Razorpay, Vonage, and our latest project - Rive SDK.

Not sure how to create React Native bindings to your SDK? We’ve got you covered. Our experts already successfully implemented such wrappers for numerous companies.

Need help with React Native SDK Wrapper? Contact us! Or check out other services offered by our React Native development company.

Krzysztof Wróblewski
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