State Management in React Native

In this episode we discuss state management in React Native apps. They take a closer look at a couple of state management libraries, including Redux, MobX, XState, Jotai, and React Query, and talk about Ola’s new book on this topic.

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Aleksandra Desmurs Linczewska
Aleksandra Desmurs Linczewska
Łukasz Chludziński
Łukasz Chludziński

Łukasz and Ola team up to discuss state management in React Native applications. As there’s no magical formula for handling it, don’t expect straightforward direction or easy answers from this episode. Instead, get ready for:

  • an overview of state management in React & React Native apps
  • a deep-dive into state management libraries based on different philosophies, including Redux, MobX, XState, Jotai, and React Query
  • an insight into how Ola compared these libraries when writing Simplifying State Management in React Native
  • a few words of the book-writing process as seen by Ola

State management libraries

New state management libraries keep appearing, so choosing the one that best suits your project and taste may be challenging. We hope to help you make this decision and get a broader perspective on state management in React Native by having Ola and Łukasz discuss the following aspects of a few libraries:

  • the people behind them
  • the category they belong, e.g. flux vs. proxy vs. atom, mutable vs. immutable, battle-tested vs. experimental
  • how they work and what it means to the developer


Here's a list of resources that Ola and Łukasz mentioned in this episode:

Enjoy the episode! And if you have trouble dealing with state management in React Native with any of the libraries mentioned in the episode, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

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