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What is “The Ultimate Guide to <cyan>React Native Optimization?”<cyan>

After long weeks of intensive work, brainstorming sessions, and putting everything together, “The Ultimate Guide to React Native Optimization” is finally out!

This guide is a collection of the most relevant and effective tips, tricks, tactics, and solutions for optimizing React Native apps. They are based on our experience as senior developers and Core Contributors to React Native.

The ebook consists of every piece of content from the guide published on the blog. Also, we’ve added one exclusive section with 4 extra articles on 27 pages enriched with graphs and code examples.

We’ve created this guide to help both technical and non-technical people responsible for app development in their companies. In this ebook, along with technical tips, you’ll learn how certain solutions affect business aspects of the apps such as revenue-generating efficiency, ROI, time-to-market, etc.

That’s why no matter if you are a developer, project manager, or CTO – you will find something valuable here.

What will you learn from the guide?

The guide contains best practices for optimizing your apps’:

  • Stability
  • Performance
  • Resource usage
  • User experience
  • Maintenance costs
  • Time-to-market

react native optimization guide ebook

What’s inside?

Let’s start with some numbers. The guide has:

  • 123 pages
  • 15 articles
  • 43 graphs
  • 42 code examples

Now, let’s dive into some details about the articles. The guide consists of three main groups of topics.

The first one: “Improve performance by understanding React Native implementation details” focuses on the most common performance bottlenecks and React Native implementation details that contribute to them.

You will find there the following articles:

  • Pay attention to UI re-renders
  • Use dedicated components for certain layouts
  • Think twice before you pick an external library
  • Always remember to use libraries dedicated to the mobile platform
  • Find the balance between native and JavaScript
  • Animate at 60FPS no matter what

The second group titled “Improve performance by using the latest React Native features” describes the features you can turn on right now to start off with your optimization process.

You will find there the following articles:

  • Always run the latest React Native version to access the new features
  • How to debug faster and better with Flipper
  • Automate your dependency management with <rte-code>autolinking<rte-code>
  • Optimize your Android application startup time with Hermes
  • Optimize your Android application’s size with these Gradle settings

The third group, “How to ship quicker with stable development environment”, is, with the exception of the article about Continuous Integration, available only in this ebook. It presents some of the best practices and recommendations to ship your apps faster and with more confidence. It’s about building a steady and healthy development environment where React Native shines and accelerates the innovation.

In this group, you will the following articles:

Why should you download this guide?

The solutions we described in the guide are based on our experience gained from:

That’s why you can be sure that by implementing these solutions you’ll positively impact your revenue-generating efficiency, the velocity of app development, and customers’ satisfaction.

Download The Ultimate Guide to React Native Optimization ebook and elevate your app development process to a higher level!



We are the official Facebook partners on React Native. We’ve been working on React Native projects for over 5 years, delivering high-quality solutions for our clients and contributing greatly to the React Native ecosystem. Our Open Source projects help thousands of developers to cope with their challenges and make their work easier every day.

Contact us if you need help with cross-platform or React Native development. We will be happy to provide a free consultation.

Mike Grabowski
Co-founder & CTO of Callstack. Mike is a React Native core contributor and author of many libraries. When he isn't working, he is on a race track.
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