Dive Into React Native Paper UI Kit

In the third episode of The React Native Show podcast our host, Mike Grabowski and his guest, the lead engineer to React Native Paper, Dawid Urbaniak, are talking about one of our open source projects – React Native Paper UI kit.

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Dawid Urbaniak
Dawid Urbaniak
Mike Grabowski
Mike Grabowski

The basics of React Native Paper

No matter if you already know Paper and use it on a daily basis or you’ve never heard about it before – the podcast explains everything from scratch.

In the first part of the talk, Mike and Dawid address the following questions:

  • What is React Native Paper?
  • What are the key features of the library?
  • How different is it from the other libraries on the market (Native Base or React Native Elements)?

→ WATCH PART 1: What Is React Native Paper?

Then they dive into details of the library. In the second part, they are discussing animations - how the team approached animations to make them native-like.

→ WATCH PART 2: React Native Paper with truly native-looking animations

Turbo Modules and Fabric

In the next part of the episode, Dawid is talking about the opportunities of the upcoming re-architecture of React Native:

  • What opportunities will Turbo Modules and Fabric bring in terms of performance?
  • Are they likely to make animations even smoother?
  • How can Turbo Modules and Fabric help developers?

→ WATCH PART 3: Re-architecture of React Native in terms of performance

In the last part, Mike and Dawid are discussing the features that make the library so unique and popular. Finally, they reveal some plans for the future development of the kit.

→ WATCH PART 4: React Native Paper supports Material Design 2.0

Learn more about React Native Paper UI Kit

React Native Paper is already helping thousands of developers in their work. With over 7100 stars on GitHub, 1100 forks and 3,100,000 downloads since its launch, it’s one of the most popular collections of customizable and production-ready components for React Native on the market, which makes us really proud of it.

Episode #3 is a great chance to get to know Paper and find out how it can make your work easier. The episode also gives a sneak peek into React Native Paper future. Keep up with the latest updates in Paper on GitHub and check how your business can benefit from React Native Paper.

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