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Callstack OSS Update | Coffee Talk #9


Introduction to our podcast and guests

Callstack OSS Update | Coffee Talk #9

As part of the April 2023 Callstack OSS Update, we discuss RFC for natively supporting Expo Config Plugins by React Native core, super apps, and updates to Re.Pack, and Paper.

About our guests

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Michał Pierzchała - Head of Technology at Callstack, the owner of React Native Testing library. Core Jest & React Native Community contributor. He is one of our Callstack experts with years of hands-on experience.


Rafał Zakrzewski - JavaScript developer specialising in frontend and mobile development, but also fully capable of working on the backend-side of apps. Maintainer of the Re.Pack OSS library.


Łukasz Walczak is a software developer at Callstack and maintainer of the Paper library. He is characterised by precise and methodical approach to the problem. Open to new technologies and development opportunities.


Aleksandra Pytko - Włodarczyk - Senior Content Marketer focused on delivering value and sharing knowledge. Passionate about creating user-centric content that guilds bridges between the brand and the clients.

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What's inside this Episode?

As the content of this episode revolves around Open Source, we begin by explaining how Callstack pays it forward to the community with involvement in OSS projects.

Then, we move on to the first topic: RFC for the proposal for natively supporting Expo Config Plugins by React Native core. This proposal has been released as part of our R&D program. The discussion around it is getting heated, so you should check it out!

Next up, we throw a spotlight on super apps and our approach to building them. We mention our freshly released pillar page dedicated to Super Apps, which includes a bunch of helpful technical & business resources.

Moving on, we talk about the latest updates to Re.Pack, including deal-breaking code signing and remote assets. If you’d like to dive deep into these new features, register for “Super app development made easy with Re.Pack” webinar held on May 9.

Last but not least, we have a segment on React Native Paper, where we discuss the latest developments and plans for future versions. We are currently on version 5 of RN Paper and version 3 of Material Design. Our ongoing work includes fixing bugs and extending our dynamic color schemes generator. We also share some spoilers for version 6 of RN Paper.

Enjoy the talk!

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