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NPM Kiosk and Open Source Monetization | Coffee Talk #7


Introduction to our podcast and guests

NPM Kiosk and Open Source Monetization | Coffee Talk #7

The Coffee Talk episode is a treat. Łukasz Chludziński invited Michał Pierzchała, Head of Technology at Callstack, and Jonny Burger, Creative Hacker at Remotion to talk about NPM Kiosk and open source monetization. 

About our guests

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Jonny Burger – creator and chief hacker at Remotion, a tool for creating real MP4 videos using React


Michał Pierzchała – Head of Technology at Callstack, the owner of React Native Testing library. Core Jest & React Native Community contributor. He is one of our Callstack experts with years of hands-on experience.

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What's inside this Episode?

As both Michał and Jonny experimented with gated access to libraries. Michał’s last open-source project, Reassure (which he developed together with Maciej Jastrzębski, had a Beta access when it was released last June. The goal was to gather some feedback from early adopters. Michał and Maciej opted for a private registry to grant Beta access to their library. 

Jonny, the creator of Remotion, wanted to experiment with selling certain tool components. As Jonny couldn’t find any tool that would solve all his problems and be easy for the buyer, he decided to hack his project – NPM Kiosk. 

What are the drawbacks and benefits of each option? What would they’ve done differently? How do you handle payment options? Tune in to find answers to these and other questions!

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