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Releasing React Native 0.63.1

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Part of my responsibilities being a React Native Core Contributor is to help with the releases. In this short article, I want to share with you a little update about my recent works in that area, just in case you prefer this form more than a tweet.

New major version

On July 6th, together with the React Native core team, we have shipped React Native 0.63.0. It came with a lot of exciting features, including LogBox, Pressable, and PlatformColors. You can learn more about it from the blog post I wrote on the React Native website.

Time for 0.63.1

Today, we are releasing a patch version, 0.63.1, that fixes some of the most popular bugs that the community discovered in the initial release.

Releasing a patch version a few days or weeks after a major release is a standard part of the React Native development. Once the stable version has been released, we continue supporting it by releasing patches until a new version is released. You can read more about the process itself and the steps that are usually taken by visiting the releases repository.

Amongst many small bug fixes, we have shipped improvements to recently released Pressable and PlatformColor as well as fixed crashes on some devices. With patch releases, we always focus on resolving regressions and ensuring that recently added features work as intended. For more details, please check the official changelog.


As always, don’t forget to check the dedicated issue in the releases repository where you can participate in the release process by suggesting commits that should be cherry-picked in order to resolve important bugs. It is also the best way to stay up to date on the release schedule.

Check out the latest release and happy developing for multiple platforms! 🙌

If you are as excited as we are about React Native 0.63 but facing issues while upgrading or just have no time - reach out! We would love to help you. In the meantime, check out services offered by our React Native development company.

Mike Grabowski
Co-founder & Supervisory Board Member
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