Reassure - Open Source Tool Measuring Performance Regression

In the 15th episode of The React Native Show podcast Łukasz Chludziński and his guests, Michał Pierzchała and Maciej Jastrzębski introduce the Reassure - an open-source tool for measuring performance regression in React and React Native apps. They also show how to use it properly during a special live coding session.

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Michał Pierzchała
Michał Pierzchała
Maciej Jastrzębski
Maciej Jastrzębski
Łukasz Chludziński
Łukasz Chludziński

The 15th episode of The React Native Show podcast is focused on Reassure, an Open Source library developed and maintained by the Callstack team, especially by Maciej Jastrzębski and Michał Pierzchała. 

What’s worth adding, at the startpoint, Reassure was developed as an in-house tool for one of our clients - Entain. However, thanks to their willingness to develop the React & React Native ecosystem, we decided to make it Open Source

The story behind Reassure

In the first part of the podcast, our experts explain what Reassure is, how it works, and what was the “why” behind creating it. They cover the following topics:

  • What is Reassure?
  • What problems does Reassure solve?
  • What problem the library doesn’t solve? Omits on purpose.
  • Reassure features description.

Collaboration with Entain

After that, Maciej and Michał reveal the story behind creating Reassure enriched by some interesting details, including our cooperation with Entain. 

You’ll listen about:

  • detailed story behind Reassure,
  • collaboration with Entain,
  • full Reassure team.

Going open-source

What’s more, Maciej and Michał share their story of moving Reassure from an in-house project to Open Source describing all the technical and law challenges they had to face. A real treat for all Open Source enthusiasts!

In the third part Maciej and Michał share their plans for future development of Reassure like, for example:

  • Making Reassure first-class support for web React, not only for React Native. 
  • Collaborating with hardware/CI companies to create a reliable, easy-to-use environment to run stable performance tests.
  • Creating ready to use GitHub Actions to reduce manual setup.

Live coding session

In the last part, Maciej jumps into the special live coding session showing Reassure abilities and explaining how to properly use the library. 

So, if you are curious about this brand new performance optimization tool, pick up your favorite streaming platform and listen to the full episode or watch it on our YouTube channel!

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