React Native Performance in 2024: Challenges, Solutions, Forecasts

In this episode of The React Native Show Podcast, we’re diving into what’s new and important in React Native performance optimization in 2024.

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Maciej Jastrzębski
Maciej Jastrzębski
Kadi Kraman
Kadi Kraman

To give you a maximum dose of practical knowledge, Łukasz sat down with two guests whom you might know from their contributions to our Ultimate Guide to React Native Optimization and sharing their performance knowledge:

  • Kadi Kraman, Software Developer at Expo
  • Maciej Jastrzębski, Expert Software Engineer at Callstack

Together, they take a closer look at the recent past, the presence, and the near future of React Native performance.

Topics covered

  • Wrap-up of the biggest React Native performance changes and challenges in 2023
  • An insider’s look at the 2024 edition of The Ultimate Guide to React Native Optimization
  • What drives development work at Expo, and how the company’s giving back to the React Native ecosystem - in relation to performance optimization and contribution to Callstack’s guide
  • The debate of whether React Native apps can ever be as performance as native ones
  • What 2024 might hold for React Native performance, including things like Static Hermes


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