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Meet react-native-paper

UPDATE: React Native Paper version 4.0 is here!

Today I am proud to announce the release of react-native-paper1.0.0 🎉 🎉 🎉 .

React Native Paper or just Paper was started a long ago, around October 2016. It was an idea from ahmedlhanafy and satya164. Some time ago, we decided that Callstack could take care of it as part of our open source mission and here we are today — Paper is now ready for you to use it in production. Yey!


We love Material Design because it provides a consistent and smooth user experience. We wanted to have the same look and feel in our React Native apps. We wanted to support both Android and iOS platforms, closely following the Material Design guidelines, all with a nice and easy to use API.

That’s why we created Paper. We are very picky and detail oriented and that is why we made sure to make every pixel count.

Paper gives you all the beautiful of well crafted material design components that work and look (almost) exactly the same for both Android and iOS. Why almost? Well, we are following the Platform Adaptation guide:

React Native Material Design components
React Native Material Design components

Tell me more!

We are releasing a bunch of components like Buttons, Toolbar, Papers!, Cards, Typography, etc. But we plan to add much more so we expect 1.0.0 to be just the beginning of our big plans (CollapsibleToolbar? 😄). And of course, we will be very thrilled to get more contributors on board.

React Native Paper components examples
React Native Paper components examples.png

Let’s play a game, I’ll show you some real apps. You tell me if they are written in pure native code or using Paper:

React Native Paper components examples.png

Did you guess it? You are right, they are all built with Paper!

To conclude, just to make it easier for playing with our internal example, scan this QR code with Expo and you are good to go!

React Native Paper QR Code Expo

Checkout the docs to get started with Paper. If you have any issues or ideas for improvements, open an issue on our repo, and don’t forget to star it!

Happy Paper day!

Ferran Negre
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