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Vercel news, React Canaries & React Native macOS 0.71 | Coffee Talk #10


Introduction to our podcast and guests

Vercel news, React Canaries & React Native macOS 0.71 | Coffee Talk #10

Let us walk you through the May 2023 updates in the React Native world. We’ll talk Next.js 13.4 and other Vercel announcements, React Canaries, and React Native macOS 0.71.

About our guests

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Jakub Urban – Senior React Native Developer with rich background: started as a .NET developer, through Full-stack to building mobile apps. Passionate about start-ups, learning about business and creating apps that can have a real impact on people using them. 

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What's inside this Episode?

With so much going on in the community, it might be difficult to keep up with the new releases and announcements. Łukasz and Kuba come to the rescue with their roundup of React and React Native news. 

They begin by discussing a bunch of recent news from Vercel:

Next, Łukasz and Kuba discuss the introduction of Canary release channel for React, which is to give the community the chance to incorporate specific new features into their systems before they are officially released in a stable version, as long as their design is nearly finalized.

The last piece of news in this episode is the release of React Native macOS: 0.71 in cooperation with Meta and Messenger Desktop engineers. Here’s more info about the release, and here’s our Coffee Talk episode with Lorenzo Sciandra about React Native at Microsoft.

Hope you enjoyed our newsflash, stay tuned for the next one!

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