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Here at Callstack we live and breathe React Native: we are React Native core contributors and pillars of the React Native community. We always want the community to grow and that’s why we encourage contributions to Open Source, run an R&D program and create opportunities to meet and discuss the most fascinating tech news and trends.

What opportunities are there at Callstack? We hold various events such as conferences, meetups, hackathons, coding workshops, discussion panels or networking parties. The purpose is always the same: to bring like-minded people together, have a great time talking about everything React Native and, last but not least, network with fellow developers.

Our Callstack calendar is event-filled and we are really happy about it! There’s nothing better than creating online and offline space to share ideas. Take a look at what we’ve got!

picture of conference hall

React Native EU conference

Once a year we gather the whole community together at React Native EU - a premier conference dedicated 100% to React Native. Every September since 2017 we invite top experts and industry leaders to share their knowledge and network with attendees.

We host speakers from tech giants such as Facebook, Microsoft, Stripe, Expo or Artsy! They are invaluable assets to our conference and community and we are always happy to welcome them on our stage.

React Native EU is the first community conference in Europe, and the largest community conference in the world, which exclusively focuses on React Native. Each edition is an amazing opportunity for inspiration and growth. No wonder the event attracts thousands of React Native enthusiasts from all over the world.

The React Native Show podcast

In the summer of 2020, our podcast series was born and it soon became recognizable in the industry. The React Native Show explores the React Native ecosystem focusing on its different aspects. 

Every episode is dedicated to a different topic. The topics covered so far include: React Navigation, Hermes for iOS, brownfield development, Re.Pack and React Native for Windows. The series is hosted by Mike Grabowski (@grabbou) and Łukasz Chludziński (@loginlukasza).

The React Native Show guests are experts in the field, core contributors to React Native, libraries’ owners, and other top talents from the industry. We already had Facebook engineers, experts from Microsoft and Major League Soccer.

You can become a guest on our podcast too! Have an innovative idea for a cool project? We can fully support your initiative. We have a dedicated R&D program within which you can work on your amazing project and produce something that our podcast audience would like to hear about!

picture showing podcast recording room

Callstack hackathons

Hacking on a new idea with peers and friends is one of the most enjoyable parts of being a developer! Prototyping a new idea over pizza and beer in a chilling environment is always a good idea :) We want to embrace it by organizing hackathons with engaging topics, challenges and prizes.

We also run hackathons open to the public - anyone interested in web and app development is welcome! You don’t need to have any prior experience with hackathons. The idea is to engage developers within and outside the organization, and to have fun hacking together!

Our latest external hackathon was part of the global initiative, Hacktoberfest, and our post-conference React Native EU Meetup. It was a special two-in-one event: a discussion panel & hackathon, and we were happy to hold it in our office.

picture of coding people

Meetups & discussion panels

Every now and again we hold internal discussion panels. The idea is to share knowledge and experience of a selected topic with other Callstack developers. It usually takes the form of a Q&A or brainstorming session streamed live on our YouTube channel.

So far, we have covered the following topics: crypto and code, React Native performance, and React Native desktop. And we are planning to dive into many more!

Last but not least, we also organize tech meetups on a fairly regular basis. Every developer is free to submit their talk and share their work and passion in front of other passionate tech wizards. Meetups usually spark much interest since they provide a great knowledge-sharing and networking opportunity!

Recently we held a React Native EU Meetup during which a panel of experts addressed the most interesting issues from this year’s React Native EU conference and the trending topics from the React Native community.

picture showing people at callstack office

Eventful life at Callstack :)

As you can see, life is quite eventful here at Callstack! And in this post, we just name our flag events and standard community initiatives because we don’t really want to explore the boring and obvious! Let us just hint at what else we have in store: workations, seasonal parties for Callstackers, “Callstack-branded” clothes (home office approved!), office integration meetings, and many more!

picture showing callstack people

Would you like to work with us as a Senior React Native developer? Join our Callstack team! Check our current job openings.

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Hanna Sobolewska
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