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React Native EU 2023 and a Glimpse Into Conference History

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Our React Native EU Conference is back
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Do you ever get a feeling that time flies even faster these days? We sure do, and we bet September will come sooner than we think, so it’s time for a big announcement: React Native EU is back for a 100% in-person edition!

This year, we’re meeting on September 7-8 at Wrocław Congress Center in Poland, just like we did in the old days. The date might deem distant now, but before you know it, spring and summer will pass, so why not save your spot now at a discount price? There are 8 blind birds tickets left, so don’t think too long.

Some of you might not be familiar with or haven’t had a chance to attend React Native EU yet, though. So before we shed more light on the 2023 edition, let us explain why it’s a go-to event for React Native developers and how it evolved over the years.

What does React Native EU stand for?

Our React Native conference is the biggest community-driven event of this kind in Europe. Every September, we give top software development experts the floor to discuss hot topics in the React Native world, from recent tech trends to case studies. The best part is that as the participant, you get to not only listen to but also network with the speakers – and there’s no better way to learn than through interaction.

Among the things that set React Native EU apart are:

  • Full focus on React Native. You won’t find there web, backend, or general-purpose talks. But if you’re looking for expert experience-based React Native insights, you’ve come to the right place.
  • Expert speakers. Attending our conference, you get to meet and learn from the biggest names in the React Native community. Every year, we invite speakers from Meta, Microsoft, Stripe, Shopify, and other companies that live and breathe this technology.
At React Native EU you get access to top speakers and developers
  • Practical tech content. Our speakers solve all sorts of complex problems with React Native at work, and they’re here to share lessons learned with you. Don’t take our word for it, and check out talks from previous editions.
  • Opportunity to meet Core Contributors. Among our speakers, you’ll find the creators and maintainers of important libraries and projects. The presence of Core Contributors makes React Native EU a perfect place to learn about the latest development and most promising trends. 
  • Networking with like-minded attendees. By attending our React Native conference, you become a part of the community. You get to create it and develop meaningful relationships with people of similar interests from all over the world. 
Networking is one of the building blocks of React Native EU
  • The atmosphere and entertainment. At React Native EU, we work hard and play hard, so you can expect a grand reception and afterparty, local food and drinks, not to mention tourist attractions offered by Wrocław. We can guarantee you won’t get bored, and you’ll make some great memories of the #RNEUvibe.
Karaoke is one of the things you can expect at every React Native EU

Not that you know what to expect, how about taking a sentimental journey through the conference’s history?

A glimpse into React Native EU’s history

React Native EU conference was born out of engagement in React Native community, love for Open Source, and the desire to shape the framework's future direction. To quote Mike Grabowski, Callstack’s cofounder: 

There are lots of tricky things with React Native, partially because of iOS and Android ecosystems. There are lots of unanswered questions hanging around, or just people struggling to find answers for problems that may seem trivial to us. This conference is the place they can visit, get answers to questions and go home start writing their next cool startup.

The birth and growth of React Native EU

The first three editions of our React Native conference took place on-site in Wrocław, Poland. Back then, meeting in person was to be expected; but soon, the event landscape was about to change.

React Native EU grew quickly; in 2019, it gathered a record number of 360 attendees. It also quickly proved to deliver top quality in all regards. On the one hand, there was top-notch tech expertise shared by Facebook, Callstack, AutoZone, Expo, and Microsoft experts; on the other, the unparalleled experience shaped by the historic venue, the entertainment (including the legendary karaokes), and other amenities.

2019 also featured the first edition of the Core Contributor Summit as organized by Callstack. The event aims at bringing React Native contributors and having them join forces on pushing for the improvement of the technology.

Core Contributors Summit 2019

Although the event isn’t a part of React Native EU program, it happens right before the conference. The biggest perk of such timing is that Core Contributors who participate in the summit share knowledge at our conference, allowing attendees to meet and learn from them. This way, developers taking part in RNEU can get inspired, learn from, and simply hang out with the people behind the technology they’re using on a daily basis.

Moving online: React Native EU in 2020 and 2021

2020 was a year like no other for obvious reasons. As the pandemic hit, the world shifted to online, and so did our conference. This way, we could give React Native enthusiasts an opportunity to learn and network with fellow developers regardless of travel restrictions. The location changed, but our core values remained the same. As always, the 2020 and 2021 virtual editions were focused on the community, core contributors, and high-quality practical tech insights.

The biggest advantage of going online was undoubtedly the unprecedented scale of the event. As the distance was no longer an issue, we welcomed thousands of attendees from all around the globe, from the USA, UK, and France to Turkey and Brazil. In 2021, the number of guests rose to eight thousand, which was pretty impressive for both Callstack as organizers and the attendees, who got to meet even more like-minded individuals!

Even though our attendees could not high-five each other in person, they had plenty of networking opportunities thanks to a dedicated conference Discord channel. That’s where speakers hang out and heated Q&A debates took place. To give back to this part of the community that didn’t make it to the 2020 edition, we published the most interesting questions and answers on our blog.

One foot online and one foot in Wrocław: hybrid RNEU 2022

2022 marked yet another turn in React Native EU history. As the world was slowly getting over the pandemic, we decided to hold a hybrid event: we invited the public to participate online, welcomed most speakers and Callstackers in person, and brought the Core Contributor Summit back to Wrocław. This reminded us of the best part of attending conferences as we used to know them: having a chance to hang out and have fun together

Here’s how Łukasz Chludziński, the host of React Native Show Podcast, remembers last year’s conference:

2022 edition was my first time as a full-time host, and being there in person felt awesome. Even though it was a hybrid event, you could feel that those who joined us were hungry for talking, meeting, and learning. The energy was great, and I can’t wait to feel it this year when everybody’s once again in Wrocław.

Moving back to Wrocław: React Native EU 2023

This year, our React Native conference returns to its roots: a fully on-site edition taking place on September 7-8 in Wrocław. Tickets are already on sale, and you can buy them on React Native EU website at a hefty discount.

Get your ticket for React Native EU 2023

The big reveals are yet to come, but here’s what you expect for sure from React Native EU 2023:

  • React Native Superstars speakers, discussing real-life case studies and recent development in technology. We’ll let you know about the lineup in spring, but trust us; you should be already excited.
  • High-tech content only, laser-focused on various aspects of React Native, from performance and UX to testing and native aspects.
  • Networking as we used to know it before the pandemic: in-person, with plenty of opportunities to get to know the attendees as React Native development experts and simply cool people to hang out with.
  • Wrocław as the ultimate meeting place. Our venue will be once again the historical building of Centennial Hall, in the close vicinity of the famous Pergola, Szczytnicki Park, and Japanese Garden. And after the talks, you’re free to explore the vibrant city of Wrocław and its attractions.
  • The unique #RNEUvibe. What do we mean by that? The after party, karaoke, chill-out zone, local food and drinks… It’s impossible to put into words, but once you experience it, you’ll want to go back year by year.

Most of all, the on-site edition is an opportunity for us to contribute to the community revival after three years of primarily offline meetings. We aim to give you all a chance to mingle and strengthen relationships right at the center of Europe – and we can’t wait for that to happen!

See you at React Native EU 2023

Call for papers is opening soon, and we’re waiting for you to discuss React Native topics dear to your heart. If you’re excited about sharing high-tech insights with fellow developers, subscribe to our conference newsletter and be the first to know about the CFP opening. 

Save your spot for React Native EU 2023 

Are you as excited about sharing React Native knowledge and learning from industry thought-leaders as we are? If so, buy your ticket now and save your spot for React Native EU 2023! We can’t wait to welcome you to Wrocław ❤️️

Aleksandra Pytko-Włodarczyk
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