Stepping Into New Dimension With React Native VisionOS

Try immersing yourself in the React Universe with React Native visionOS! Listen about the latest changes in the framework and watch a 3D app demo.

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Oskar Kwaśniewski
Oskar Kwaśniewski
Mariusz Pasiński
Mariusz Pasiński

In this Coffee Talk episode, we once again discuss React Native development for Apple Vision Pro, but the content is anything but a repetition. To tell you all about the changes that happened in the last few months, Kuba has invited Oskar, the creator of React Native visionOS, and Mariusz, who supported the efforts to push the framework further into the 3D direction. 

Our guests provide insights into recent updates, including multi-window support, documentation, and significant improvements in 3D rendering. They also delve into community contributions, upcoming conferences, and future potential of React Native visionOS, while demonstrating live examples of what's currently possible. 

Topics covered

  • Vision Pro release and initial reviews
  • Multi-window apps and immersive spaces
  • Documentation and community contributions
  • Hermes integration and performance improvements
  • Beneficial side effects and API enhancements
  • 3D Rendering with Swift and JavaScript
  • Future possibilities
  • Demo


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