React Native for Apple Vision Pro and visionOS

Apple Vision Pro with React Native is a fact. Learn how Callstack’s making React Native Vision OS happen and what’s yet to come in this technology.

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Oskar Kwaśniewski
Oskar Kwaśniewski
Michał Pierzchała
Michał Pierzchała

In this episode, Łukasz invites Oskar and Michał to discuss their experimental journey of bringing React Native to Apple Vision Pro and visionOS. Together, they walk us through the process of bringing React Native to a new platform, with all its ups and downs. 

Topics covered

On the one hand, we get to look at the Extended Reality market and the use cases of React Native in this space. On the other, our hosts shed light on challenges they faced along the way, including API support, multi-window capabilities, and the unique task of building Hermes for visionOS. The conversation also spans the complexities of project maintenance, contribution to open source, and the technical adaptations made to align with visionOS requirements.

Resources & links

Callstack’s React Native Vision OS repository

Callstack astronaut
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