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RNEU 2020 Conference Q&A Panel | Ep #2


Introduction to our podcast and guests

RNEU 2020 Conference Q&A Panel | Ep #2

At React Native EU in 2020, we had the pleasure of hosting 24 world-class speakers from all around the world representing brands like Facebook, Microsoft, Infinite Red,, and many more.
After the conference, we asked four experts to share their thoughts on the topics raised at the conference and React Native as such.

Q&A Panel with Prominent Guests

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Join Monica Restrepo (Software Engineer at Major League Soccer), Kudo Chien (Software Engineer at CloudMosa), Eloy Duran (Principal Software Engineer at Microsoft), Parashuram N (Engineering Manager at Facebook), and the host, Mike Grabowski, as they delve into React Native.

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What's inside this Episode?

Post-conference Q&A Session with Industry Leaders

To address the questions from the RNEU 2020 audience, we invited four leading experts to talk about React Native. This episode is a Q&A panel and it’s divided into three parts: the upcoming re-architecture of React Native, its cross-platform compatibility and general development.

The first part covers the new React Native architecture, and Mike and his guest speakers lay out some details on the expected updates and features.

Among others, they elaborate on the following:

  • What is the status of the re-architecture? What changes are already shipped and when do we expect to have an update on the rest of them?
  • Where can you track updates on the re-architecture?
  • Can we expect a smooth transition path between current and “new” React Native?

The second part of the podcast explores the multi-platform aspect of React Native. The speakers discuss the opportunities that arise from sharing the same code base between mobile and web. From the very beginning React Native was all about cross-platform and with more and more platforms being added, it’s no wonder that this topic sparks a lot of interest.

In the last section, the speakers share their performance challenges. As performance is always a trending topic, we received a great volume of questions concerning best ways to deal with challenging performance issues.

Last but not least, our guest experts give their perspective on the React Native future - the framework development and its general direction.

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