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[SPECIAL EPISODE] React Native EU 2021 Q&A Panel | Ep#10


Introduction to our podcast and guests

[SPECIAL EPISODE] React Native EU 2021 Q&A Panel | Ep#10

The 10th episode of The React Native Show Podcast is fully dedicated to the questions that were asked during the React Native EU 2021 conference. We gathered four great React Native experts: Łukasz Chludziński (as a host of the event), Wojciech Kwiatek, Mike Grabowski, Satya Sahoo, and Paweł Trysła aka. Zamotany in one room (in Callstack's headquarters to be exact) to answer questions related to:

  • The present and the future of React Native
  • New React Native Architecture
  • Open Source libraries including React Navigation and Re.Pack
  • The future plans for expanding react Native environment, eg. in terms of VR/AR or wearOS
  • and many more!

About our guests

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Wojciech Kwiatek  - CTO at Channels, JavaScript developer, mentor, and trainer. Mainly focused on bridging the gap between tech and business.


Mike Grabowski - CTO & Co-founder at Callstack. What’s more, he is also a React Native Core Contributor and host at The React Native Show podcast.


Satya Sahoo - React and React Native developer at Callstack. You may know Satya from the Open Source community, for he is one of the engineers that work on React Navigation library.


Paweł Trysła aka. Zamotany - Software engineer at Callstack. Paweł is also actively working for the development of React Native as the lead engineer at Re.Pack Open Source library (formerly Haul).

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What's inside this Episode?

During the Q&A panel hosted by Łukasz Chludziński, our panelists answer a number of questions related to the conference topics and the React Native environment itself.
You'll hear about:

  • What drove two CTOs, Mike Grabowski from Callstack and Wojciech Kwiatek from Channels, to invest in React Native?
  • What are the opportunities for React Native going forward?
  • What's coming up with the new React Native Architecture?
  • What are their thoughts on React Native support for wearOS?
  • What’s the plan for making VR/AR constructs exposed to React Native?
  • What does it take to develop and maintain a big Open Source library?
  • What are the React Native Core and Microsoft teams collaborating on these days?
  • Where do our experts see React Native in 5 years?

And many more!

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