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React Native at Scale with Matt Hargett | Ep. #23


Introduction to our podcast and guests

React Native at Scale with Matt Hargett | Ep. #23

Is React Native the right fit for scaling products and building a sustainable tech stack? Let’s look at a few enterprise stories to find out!

About our guests

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Matt Hargett – a 25-year veteran in Product and Technology Leadership. Matt loves helping companies overcome technical and organizational barriers by solving problems that matter. He’s have taken an active role in reducing the ongoing operating costs and delivery times of some of the largest tech companies in Silicon Valley, including Roblox, PlayStation, and BlueJeans Network, just to name a few.

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What's inside this Episode?

Many problems in large organizations occur at the intersection of technology and business. Take performance as an example. As the product grows, solutions that used to work well may cease to live up to users’ expectations. Successful optimization depends on building a sustainable tech stack. And when the most future-proof choice requires switching to another technology, getting all stakeholders on board may become a challenge… 

In this episode, we take a closer look at how React Native fits into the enterprise picture from the perspective of derisking large-scale projects. We do that by discussing the vast experience of our guest, Matt Hargett, who’s been working with big names in the industry like Roblox, PlayStation, LG Electronics for over 25 years.

Matt and Łukasz discuss the following topics:

  • setting performance optimization goals in large organizations, where you need to juggle multiple priorities, from feature development to user experience and performance
  • strategies and processes for maximizing the chances of performance optimization success and derisking projects for SMEs and enterprises
  • opportunities and challenges of bringing in React Native into large-scale projects for performance optimization
  • best practices for adding new capabilities or technology to an enterprise project with training from consultancies like Callstack
  • making purposeful, sustainable, and future-proof tech stack choices – and how open source technologies fit into that
  • the possibilities and effects of bringing React Native into other languages

Tune in now to dig deeper into React Native at scale – and if you’re looking to futureproof your app with the technology that belongs to the React & React Native universe, give us a shout.

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