React Native at Scale With Mike Duminy (Klarna)

Tune in to find out how the use of React Native and Re.Pack can impact organizational structure and how these tools help Klarna scale product development.

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Mike Duminy
Mike Duminy

In the next episode of the “React Native at Scale” series, we lean a bit more towards the technology side to show you the impact that React Native and Re.Pack can have on a large fintech organization. To demonstrate that, we’ve invited two very special guests:

  • Mike Duminy, a Principal Engineer and Domain Architect who works on scaling frontend technology at Klarna,
  • Jakub Romańczyk, Software Engineer at Callstack and the maintainer of Re.Pack.

Topics covered

Together, we explore Klarna's business structure, the decision to use React Native, the benefits and challenges of using Re.Pack, and Klarna's release process. All of that will give you a better insight into how large-scale fintech organizations operate, what they needs are, and why React Native is well-suited to satisfy them. We also discuss the concept of super apps, the importance of optimizing bundle sizes, and the future plans for Module Federation in Klarna's architecture.

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