React Native at Scale With Rafael Mendiola

Let’s explore the practicalities and strategic considerations of scaling React Native across all stages of business growth with expert insights from Rafael Mendiola and Jakub Stadniczuk.

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Jakub Stadniczuk
Jakub Stadniczuk
Rafael Mendiola
Rafael Mendiola

Joining Łukasz for this episode is Jakub Stadniczuk, Callstack’s Business Development Manager, alongside seasoned developer and consultant Rafael Mendiola, who brings 20 years of experience in the software industry with a specialization in React Native. They discuss the dynamics of React Native implementation in organizations ranging from startups to large enterprises, providing valuable insights into the technological and organizational aspects of React Native at scale.

Topics covered

Adopting React Native in varied business environments

  • Differences in React Native adoption among startups, scaleups, and enterprises
  • The importance of organizational support, stakeholder and team buy-in for adopting a new framework
  • The role of engagement in React Native community in business success
  • Challenges and benefits of adopting React Native, from leveraging a unified codebase to the potential for talent pool growth

Adopting React Native in an enterprise setup

  • Criteria for deciding when to adopt React Native and when to proceed with caution
  • Strategies for setting achievable goals and the importance of obtaining team support
  • Tips on educating and scaling a development team for React Native in enterprise contexts

Optimizing an existing React Native product

  • Recognizing the symptoms that indicate the need for a product revamp, such as persistent bugs and slow feature rollout
  • The organizational approach to improving engineering quality and product focus

React Native productization frustrations and opportunities

  • Discussion on the impact of React Native's current state on developers and businesses
  • The roles of open source and community engagement in the evolution of React Native

Ready to harness React Native to drive business growth and operational excellence? Contact us so we can help you transform your business.

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