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Profiling in Native and React Native | Ep. #21


Introduction to our podcast and guests

Profiling in Native and React Native | Ep. #21

Have you ever wondered what app profiling is? Well, wonder no more, as Łukasz, Jakub, and Edu covered the ins and outs of profiling in native and React Native. 

About our guests

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Jakub Binda – Software Engineer at Callstack. He’s interested in improving not only app performance but also automating routine tasks and increasing work efficiency.


Eduardo Graciano – Software Engineer at Callstack and one of the authors of the Ultimate Guide to React Native Optimization.

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What's inside this Episode?

Jakub is a well-known React Native performance optimization enthusiast. Edu co-authored chapters on profiling in our Ultimate Guide to React Native Optimization. They’re a match made in heaven if you want to record a comprehensive episode on profiling. 

Lukasz, Jakub, and Edu start with the basic. Their focus is on what profiling is and the most common use cases. 

Next, our Experts discuss tools and metrics worth tracking, for example, CPU or memory usage. They mention tools you can use to profile Android and iOS. 

To end the discussion with an actionable item, in the last part of the episode, they talk extensively about the workflow you can follow. 

Tune in and enjoy the episode!

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