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React Native Performance Q&A | Ep. #22


Introduction to our podcast and guests

React Native Performance Q&A | Ep. #22

App performance is an inexhaustible topic, but we try our best. This time, we answer questions we received when promoting our performance optimization guide in the US.

About our guests

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Michał Pierzchała - Head of Technology at Callstack, the owner of React Native Testing library. Core Jest & React Native Community contributor. He is one of our Callstack experts with years of hands-on experience.

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What's inside this Episode?

In April 2023, we had the pleasure of talking about performance optimization in the US. We went to San Francisco, Los Angeles and Detroit to meet some amazing folks from the React Native community – we loved the intense though exchange there!

During these meetings, we talked about our Ultimate Guide to React Native Optimization, presented some news from React Native realm, and held Q&A sessions. We tried hard to answer all the questions, but there was only so much time, so some were left unanswered.  Today we’ll be sharing these questions and answers with all of you, enjoy! 

If you’re hungry for more, or you need help with performance, reach out to us. As a team of experts, we can support you with all things React Native.

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