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In the 13th episode of The React Native Show, Łukasz Chludziński and his guest, Michał Chudziak, will explore the topic of migrating from different technologies (native and React web) to React Native.

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Mike Chudziak
Mike Chudziak
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Łukasz Chludziński

The 13th episode of The React Native Show podcast is fully focused on migrating from different technologies to React Native, the two most popular approaches to this process (greenfield and brownfield software development), and our state-of-the-art brownfield approach.

In the first part of the conversation, our experts start by explaining why it is worthwhile to invest time, effort, and money in migrating from native and web solutions to React Native.

Reasons for migration

Firstly, our experts explore the reasons behind migration to React Native. Listeners will gain insights into the primary motivations for companies opting to migrate their apps to React Native, common migration scenarios, and the typical challenges encountered during the migration process. 

Planning and approaches

The second part is focused on planning the whole migration process and selecting the most suitable approach. Our expert, Michał, addresses key questions such as where to begin the migration process and what preparations are necessary. All in all, he discusses:

  • Starting the migration process
  • Mobile and web application migration
  • Greenfield vs. brownfield development

Brownfield development

Moving forward, the third section of the podcast sees Łukasz and Michał taking a deep dive into brownfield development. They shed light on Callstack's innovative approach in this domain and introduce the React Native Brownfield library. The discussion covers whether there is a template for migrating apps using the brownfield approach, how Callstack employs this method, and an overarching overview of the React Native Brownfield library.

From React to React Native

In the final part of the podcast, Łukasz and Michał shift their focus to migration from React (web) to React Native. They address questions related to the process of migrating a React app to React Native:

  • How to migrate React app to React Native? Is it a good idea?
  • Is it an actual migration, or is it a conversion?

Pick your favorite platform and discover answers to these pertinent questions. Enjoy listening!

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