How Do You Move From Developer to Tech Lead?

Ever wondered if the managerial career path is worth pursuing? Listen to what our guests, a dev manager and a tech lead, have to say about that and wonder no more.

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Adam Trzcinski
Adam Trzcinski
Jakub Bujko
Jakub Bujko

In this Coffee Talk episode, we take a closer look at what your career may look like if you decide to take on the challenging, yet rewarding role of a tech lead or a dev manager. This change is not only about the change in title but the profound shift in mindset, responsibilities, and the art of managing people alongside projects. 

To discuss this topic, Kuba has invited Adam Trzciński and Jakub Bujko. Both our guests have successfully navigated such a transition at Callstack and so can share their firsthand experiences, the hurdles they overcame, and the lessons learned along the way.

Topics covered

  • The unique roles and perspectives of an Umbrella Lead and a Dev Manager
  • The challenges and realizations encountered when transitioning from coding to leadership roles
  • The importance and impact of effective communication, time management, and empathy in leadership
  • Dealing with impostor syndrome and anxiety in high-responsibility roles
  • Practical advice for developers contemplating or initiating the shift to managerial positions


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