Creating Performant React Native Animations

Animations and performance: friends or foes? Tune in to learn how not to break your React Native app’s user experience.

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Łukasz Walczak
Łukasz Walczak
Catalin Miron
Catalin Miron

In this episode, we discuss all things animations in React Native, from the theory of their impact on performance to practical optimization techniques. Hosted by Łukasz Chludziński, Catalin Miron and Łukasz Walczak share their insights on leveraging animations effectively in React Native app development, highlighting their fundamental role in enhancing user interactions and experience.

Topics covered

  • Aesthetic and functional aspects of animations
  • How animations make or break user experience
  • Impact of animation tools and techniques on app performance
  • Implementing animations in React Native apps: challenges and practical tips
  • Dos and don'ts of creating performant animations
  • from the creator’s and user’s perspective



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