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Coffee Talk #4 – React Native News & App.js Conf


Introduction to our podcast and guests

Coffee Talk #4 – React Native News & App.js Conf

The fourth Coffee Talk focuses on App.js Conf 2022. Besides the conference, Michał and Abi discuss React Native v5, bundled Hermes, and the new version of React.

About our guests

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Michał Pierzchała - Head of Technology at Callstack, the owner of React Native Testing library. Core Jest & React Native Community contributor. He is one of our Callstack experts with years of hands-on experience.


Abraham Thiao – Senior React Native Developer. He’s skilled in design work, frontend, backend, and mobile development.

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What's inside this Episode?

In the fourth episode of Coffee Talk, Michał and Abi discuss the App.js Conf 2022. During the conference, Michał presented Reassure – Callstack’s latest library for performance regression testing.  

They mention workshops that took place the day before the start of the conference and presentations they found particularly interesting:

  • Keynote delivered by Charlie Cheever
  • Animations should be fun by Catalin Miron
  • React Native Everywhere by Taz Singh
  • Bringing the React Native Architecture to the OSS Community by Nicola Corti
  • How does an Indonesian superapp, Traveloka, deal with React Native
  • V8 talk from Kudo
  • Controlling hardware in a week with Expo and EAS by Derek Stavis
  • Magda Jaśkowska’s live coding session. 

You can find the live stream from both days of the conference here:

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