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Coffee Talk #2 - Top Resources for Developers


Introduction to our podcast and guests

Coffee Talk #2 - Top Resources for Developers

This Coffee Talk episode covers a very important topic: where to go for sound knowledge and trusted community updates! Highly recommended for every developer.

About our guest

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Ola Desmurs-Linczewska is a Callstack developer with a passion for new technologies and innovation. She loves to work on React and React Native projects.

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What's inside this Episode?

The second Coffee Talk is all about knowledge - Ola and Łukasz explore the best ways of staying up to date with the community news. They discuss the most valuable resources such as newsletters, top twitter accounts, blogs, podcasts, github, release notes, and many more!

As the number of available resources can be intimidating, Ola and Łukasz share their own ideas about how to practically categorize them and use them for your own self-development.

The overview of resources will prove helpful regardless of whether you have much experience or you are new to the React and React Native world.

Enjoy listening!

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