Callstack’s Recap of App.js and Chain React 2023

Did you miss this year’s App.js and Chain React? No worries, Callstack’s team has prepared a recap of these events for you.

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Jakub Urban
Jakub Urban
Szymon Rybczak
Szymon Rybczak

The conference season is in full swing. Many of you at the React Native community have been to Kraków and Portland and are heading to Amsterdam, Paris, or Wrocław soon. Knowing that it’s impossible to attend all these events, we’ve prepared a recap of two conferences we’ve recently attended: App.js and Chain React.

In this episode of The React Native Shows’s Coffee Talk, Łukasz is joined by Kuba and Szymon who share their impressions of these conferences and dig deeper into the talks that caught their attention.

Useful links

Here are the links and other stuff mentioned in the episode:

👉 App.js 2023 recordings: day 1 & day 2 

👉 More info about and tickets to React Native EU 2023

Hope you enjoyed our recap of the 2023 editions of Chain React and App.js, stay tuned for the next episode!

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