How You Can Develop as a Callstack Developer

How You Can Develop as a Callstack Developer

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In short

Joining Callstack means embracing a culture of continuous learning, collaboration, and support for personal and professional growth. We emphasize self-development and knowledge sharing, offering excellent opportunities for growth. We are passionate about open source contributions, actively maintaining and contributing to widely used projects, including React Native Paper and React Native Testing Library. We support original ideas through our R&D program, providing a budget and resources for developers to bring innovative projects to life.

Self-development opportunities

While this may sound like a cliché, knowledge sharing and self-development are truly important in the workplace. The very fact that you are continuously updating your skills boosts your confidence, improves your overall performance and, consequently, lets you pursue your own goals and interests.

Bringing your expertise to the table and sharing your hands-on experience can help you grow as a developer. And in the tech environment personal growth has a special value: once you start to realize your potential, you can inspire others towards seeking new ideas. 

Here at Callstack we embrace it all by giving excellent opportunities for self-development and knowledge sharing. We happily contribute to React and React Native ecosystems on a daily basis. We help to realize new ideas and welcome every initiative.

Open Source

There’s no better space to share expertise, upgrade your developer skills, and showcase your crazy new project than Open Source

We simply love Open Source 💙 Our expert team builds, maintains and contributes to widely used Open Source projects. First and foremost, we are core contributors to React Native, which means that we co-create and shape the technology we use.

We are authors of many libraries - our best-known Open Source projects include React Native Paper, React Native Testing Library or Re.Pack

video showing Re.Pack website preview

Also, we are authors of Linaria, maintainers of React Navigation, and contributors to Jest and React Native Community modules.

We work closely with Facebook, Microsoft and Expo on Open Source projects to support the community. We organize events such as discussion panels or hackathons to talk about our projects and to help each other out.

Open Source is all about your own ideas. Let us know what you are passionate about! Whatever keeps you going, we will help you work on that. We recognize the importance and value of Open Source, and that’s why we fully support your effort.

We have a budget for your Open Source work. If you want to run a hackathon, need catering services for your coding sessions, rent a place to hack together, to name just a few, we’ve got you covered!

R&D program

There are never too many good ideas! If you have a React or React Native related project you are excited about or a bright idea for one, we want to invest in it. We always appreciate innovative ideas, fresh perspectives or different views on already established concepts and we want to support you in bringing them to life!

How does it work in practice and what benefits are there?

  1. You put forward your idea in a proposal
  2. When accepted, you get pulled off a client’s project to let you fully focus on your own
  3. You run your Open Source project with our business and marketing support
  4. Your cool library is there for everyone to use 

At the end of the day then you can work on a client’s project using something you created yourself out of passion and love :) This way you can also get more knowledge about your own solution and experience.

What’s more, we offer marketing, branding and design support throughout. After your work is out, we make a buzz on our channels to let the world know about your great job.

video showing React Native Notes and Re.Pack preview

Our most popular projects were born within our Research and Development program:

It always started with a cool idea. For example, Re.Pack is the brainchild of Paweł, a “tooling guy” who knows Webpack and Babel inside out. His idea got upvoted and he was given the green light to work exclusively on his project. While working on Re.Pack, he could rely on the support of our CTO as well as our marketing team who helped with branding and creating all Re.Pack assets.

Paweł could promote Re.Pack in a podcast episode and at our React Native EU conference where he gave a talk about code splitting in React Native. Now he is using Re.Pack in clients’ projects and he always has the opportunity to improve his library based on the feedback received from the community.

You can be like Paweł :) Show us what you’ve got! We can’t wait to discuss your idea!


At Callstack there is plenty of opportunity for development and growth. We have a dedicated program and budget to support your original ideas - some of the best-known projects were created within our R&D!

We deeply care about Open Source and we encourage everyone to contribute both code and knowledge to support the community and let you grow as a developer.

Join the Callstack team

 Would you like to work with us as a React Native developer? Join our Callstack team! Check our current job openings.

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