Callstack + Hacktoberfest = Awesomeness

Satyajit Sahoo

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October is here, and it means it’s Hacktoberfest season. It’s the perfect time to contribute to your favorite Open Source projects and we want to help you do that!

We are huge fans of Open Source at Callstack. We don’t just love Open Source, it runs in our veins. We actively participate in the React Native core and community repos and try to contribute back. We manage the release process of React Native, maintain the CLI and many community packages such as slider, viewpager, tabview etc.

So we came up with this idea to organize a Hackathon to work on Open Source projects in the React Native community. Whether you have already contributed to Open Source before or you’ve never done it, this Hackathon is for you. Several people from Callstack will be there and we’ll help you send your first pull request to an Open Source React Native project. We’ll guide you through the process and help you submit a good pull request which will make an impact on the community!

There will be beer, pizza and stickers for everyone. You don’t wanna miss it!

Looking forward to see you there :)

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Satyajit Sahoo
Satya is in the 2016 Facebook’s TOP 5 external contributors list. You can find him everywhere. Satya is also a React & React Native ninja that will make your apps to stand above the others.
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