Business Benefits of React Native Windows

Business Benefits of React Native Windows

In short

This article explores the project aspects of React Native Windows, emphasizing business benefits in project estimation, developmental velocity, maintenance, and support. It outlines six project estimation scenarios, highlights the shared environment and tools with React Native for fast development, and underscores the ease of maintenance and support facilitated by the framework. The article positions React Native Windows as a cost-effective and efficient choice for desktop application development.

In the previous post I already outlined the reasons why you should consider using React Native for Windows. In this article I want to go into details about the project aspects of React Native Windows technology. I will discuss its business benefits when it comes to project estimation, velocity and the maintenance and support of application development.

Project estimation

Let's start with the estimation of the project. It’s often daunting to estimate a project accurately. With React Native Windows, project estimation is less of a challenge: it has some fixed elements which makes it more specific and factual. Each case is different though and each project has its own starting point. 

Basically, there are six project estimation scenarios:

diagram showing six project estimation scenarios

Let me explain each option in more detail:

  1. New project - greenfield, written from scratch. The easiest situation; it should be quite simple to estimate the project.
  2. Legacy desktop, already implemented using the React Native Windows technology - bug fixing, maintenance, hard to estimate.
  3. Legacy full cross-platform application - the fact that there's also the mobile part implemented can be very helpful to estimate the required time and to implement required changes.
  4. Legacy desktop, already implemented using native technology - brownfield. Assuming that there is a UWP implementation, estimation should not be that difficult.
  5. Legacy full cross-platform application, already implemented in native desktop and React Native mobile parts - the best situation for both estimation and implementation. Knowing how the application should look and work, the majority of work will be brownfield-related work and some adjustments for desktop.
  6. Legacy mobile app, already implemented using React Native - very comfortable situation for both estimation and implementation. Greenfield project that can be done using mobile implementation as a reference.

There's no general rule that applies to estimation of effort required for React Native Windows application, but there are cases where it can be easier or more difficult depending on the project's starting point.

Developmental velocity

The velocity of React Native Windows app development is a very simple topic. The React Native development itself is very fast (due to many tools, options, community and many others ) and can lead to significant growth when it comes to productivity, so the React Native Windows will not be different.

They both share the same environment, tools, workflow and programming language. That is why developers experienced with React Native can develop a React Native Windows desktop app with the same velocity.

All that is possible thanks to a huge worldwide community around the whole React Native and React Native Windows framework. Not only does the community help to avoid many hours spent on searching for a solution to some problem, but it also brings many tools, features and libraries which can be used not only for the mobile application. Now they can be used for the desktop application as well!

Maintenance and support

At Callstack we all know that a successful cooperation with a client doesn’t end at software development. On the contrary, this is where it starts. This is why it is crucial to handle all the change requests, fixes, enhancements, deployments and support after the successful development.

We know that good customer support during and after development is of course a matter of a good approach to customer's needs, but it is also a matter of technology and tools used for maintenance and support.

Using the React Native Windows it is not only possible, but also very easy to be able to make changes fast while keeping the application stable and secure for future enhancements.

As I mentioned before, React Native and React Native Windows use a set of tools for applying changes to the code effectively.

React Native Windows has also a huge support from the community and Microsoft team doing a great job implementing all the community modules requested by the community.

The maintenance phase is often avoided by developers and sounds scary to customers thinking that it will consume too many resources and too much time. But such fears and aversion are irrelevant when using React Native for Windows due to all the benefits of using this framework in the project.


Apart from offering a native feel and a good developer experience, React Native Windows also brings substantial benefits businesswise. It comes with accurate project estimation options, fast development, a wide range of tools, and massive support from the community.

All this means that React Native Windows can provide savings in multiple ways - especially by speeding up the whole development process and having the access to first-hand support whenever necessary.

More on React Native Windows

If you want to learn more about React Native for Windows, check our podcast episode: React Native Development on Windows | Ep #8. Together with Mike Grabowski, we discuss the technology in detail. As part of The React Native Show, we released a podcast dedicated to React native news, where you can find more about it.

Looking to extend your React Native application with desktop support? Get in touch with our React Native development company to hire top talent for your project.


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