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Vim: from Zero to Hero | Coffee Talk #13


Introduction to our podcast and guests

Vim: from Zero to Hero | Coffee Talk #13

Discover the power of Vim, the legendary text editor, as we explore its origins, standout features, and practical tips to boost your coding efficiency.

About our guests

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Burak Güner – RN developer passionate about creating reliable, intuitive, and aesthetically pleasing code. Highly motivated to tackle challenging problems and come up with innovative solutions. Contributor to React Native Builder Bob. Focused on making well-documented & robust software. Mostly interested in computer graphics, low-level programming, and efficiency. He uses Vim on a daily basis.


Jan Jaworski – TypeScript and React Query fan. Pair programming enthusiast. Stripe Community Expert and occasional OSS contributor. Mentor in the field of Newcomers onboarding at Callstack. Helped reduce shared bundle size by 50% from 560kB to 280kB and boost performance of a large e-commerce. All year biker and tea connoisseur. Cosplaying as a sysadmin. Also owned 20 hamsters as a child.


Łukasz Mórawski – Software Engineer at Callstack.

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What's inside this Episode?

Welcome to a new episode of The React Native Show Podcast's Coffee Talk! Join us as we explore Vim, the legendary and controversial text editor. Discover the origins of Vim, its standout features, and how it can elevate your coding efficiency (no jokes here).

In this episode, Kuba (@bionanek), Burak (@_atlj), Jan (@jaworek3211), and Lucas share their personal experiences with Vim, detailing what sparked their interest and how they navigated the initial learning curve. They also highlight Vim's powerful motion commands, command-line editing, and integration across major IDEs, as well as discuss the pros and cons of using Vim, exploring specific use cases where it excels (including React Native and Open Source projects).

Whether you're a seasoned Vim user or new to this legendary text editor, this episode provides valuable insights and practical tips to help you harness the power of Vim effectively. And if you’d like to learn more, here’s a list of resources recommended by our guests:

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