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Get the inside scoop on React Native news, insights, and gossip straight from React Native EU 2023 in this special crossover episode with React Native Radio.

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Jamon Holmgren
Jamon Holmgren

In this special crossover episode of The React Native Show Podcast, we join forces with React Native Radio to bring you a lively discussion on all things React Native. Following two intense days of React Native EU 2023, Łukasz Chludziński from Callstack and Jamon Holmgren from Infinite Red got together to delve into the gossip and current events surrounding React Native, providing valuable insights from their experiences working with clients and contributing to the community.

Topics covered

Here's what you can expect from this information-packed episode:

  • Core Contributor Summit 2023: Discover how the people and businesses co-creating React Native collaborate to shape the ecosystem's future. 
  • New Debugger: Explore the transition from Flipper to the new debugger, uncovering the motivations behind this change and the benefits it brings to the developer experience.
  • React Native 1.0: Learn about the importance of stability, shared architecture, and productization in React Native's journey toward its highly anticipated 1.0 release and understand how this milestone will reassure businesses about React Native's production readiness.
  • Expo: Get insights into the evolution of Expo, from its inception to its current state.
  • Static Hermes: Delve into Tzvetan Mikov's talk on Static Hermes to explore its limitations and opportunities.
  • New Architecture: Take a look at the transition from an all-or-nothing compatibility to an interop layer.

Don't miss out on this engaging discussion that combines the expertise of React Native Show Podcast and React Native Radio. Tune in now to stay up-to-date with the latest happenings and get all the juicy details!

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