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Mobile Payments in React Native | Ep #12


Introduction to our podcast and guests

Mobile Payments in React Native | Ep #12

Mobile Payments in React Native | Ep #12

In the 12th episode of The React Native Show Łukasz Chludziński and his guests, Charlie Cruzan and Jakub Kłobus, dive into the world of mobile payments. This time we join forces with Stripe - one of the biggest online payment infrastructure providers in the world and great experts in this area.

About our guests

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Charlie Cruzan a Software Engineer at Stripe. On daily basis he focuses on maintaining stripe-react-native library.


Jakub Kłobus a Software Engineer, working at Callstack since the beginning of the company's history. After mastering the web, he moved to React Native. Fanboy of ReasonML and functional programming. Community expert for React Native at Stripe Developer Community Experts program.

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What's inside this Episode?

This time our podcast explores the world of mobile payments.

To give you the best possible overview of the world of mobile payments, we start from their history

In this part, we will discover who was the first to allow customers to pay for their purchases via the company's website. Was it Pizza Hut or Sting? Also, you’ll find out which of the two technology moguls - Apple or Samsung first introduced mobile payments to their customers. And some more unknown but interesting facts :)

Next, we move to today's world of mobile payments.

Starting from describing the most common types and methods of such payments, we go on to discuss  the security and tech aspects. In this part, our guest Charlie dives into the security issues of mobile payments and explains which solution is safer - JS library or native by pointing out the differences between those two approaches. 

After that, Jakub Kłobus describes the technical aspects of implementing mobile payments into React Native apps  including:
- How it should be done,
- Why building payment solutions from scratch is not a good idea,

- And what the best approach to implement mobile payment in your app is.

The last part of the podcast is fully focused on the mobile payments aggregators, providers and Stripe itself. 

After Charlie’s introduction into the providers and explaining how they work, what are the benefits of implementing them in mobile apps, etc., we move to Stripe and their own library dedicated to mobile payments implementation called Stripe React Native

- What is the library all about?

- How can your users benefit from your library?

- Are there any limitations like, for example, specific countries in which Stripe's solution is unavailable?

This, and many more details like, for example, implementation of the payment system based on the Stripe library, and deliberations on the future of mobile payments are waiting for you in this part. 

So, pick up your favorite platform and enjoy the episode!

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