Mobile Payments in React Native

In the 12th episode of The React Native Show Łukasz Chludziński and his guests, Charlie Cruzan and Jakub Kłobus, dive into the world of mobile payments. This time we join forces with Stripe - one of the biggest online payment infrastructure providers in the world and great experts in this area.

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Jakub Kłobus
Jakub Kłobus
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Charlie Cruzan
Łukasz Chludziński
Łukasz Chludziński

Mobile payments throwback

To give the best possible overview of mobile payments, we embark on a journey through their historical roots. In this segment, we unveil the pioneer who paved the way for customers to make online purchases, settling the score between contenders like Pizza Hut and Sting.

Also, you’ll find out which of the two technology moguls - Apple or Samsung - first introduced mobile payments to their customers. Brace yourselves for unknown and interesting facts!

The current landscape of mobile payments

Next, we move to today's world of mobile payments.

Starting from describing the most common types and methods of such payments, the experts discuss the security and tech aspects. In this part our guest, Charlie, dives into the security issues of mobile payments and explains which solution is safer - JS library or native by pointing out the differences between those two approaches.


The third part of the podcast sees Jakub Kłobus describing the technical aspects of implementing mobile payments into React Native apps. He discusses the proper approach, advises against reinventing the wheel with custom solutions, and shares insights on the best practices for seamless mobile payment integration in your app.

Stripe React Native

In the final part of the podcast, our attention shifts towards mobile payment aggregators and Stripe, the leading player in this domain. Charlie provides an insightful overview of these service providers, explaining their operational mechanisms and the benefits of using them in mobile apps.

Moving forward, we delve into Stripe's proprietary offering, the Stripe React Native library, addressing key questions such as its core functionality, the advantages it offers to end-users, and any potential limitations, including availability in specific countries.

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