Authentication: Security Deep-Dive With Okta (Part 1)

Join us as we discuss authentication's past, present, and future. From MFA to passkeys, learn how to enhance security and efficiency in your applications.

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Aleksandra Desmurs Linczewska
Aleksandra Desmurs Linczewska
Peter Fernandez
Peter Fernandez

Dig into the nuances of authentication with Peter Fernandez from Auth0 by Okta. Hosted for the first time by Ola Desmurs-Linczewska, the episode is all about the history, present complexities, various authentication methods, and best practices to save time and resources while securing your applications. Hear firsthand accounts of authentication challenges and how modern solutions like passkeys and MFA are changing the security landscape. 

Topics covered

  • Security landscape then and now
  • Current security landscape from customer identity and access management perspective
  • A look at authentication from business stakeholders’ and developers’ perspectives
  • Authentication providers and standards
  • Authentication evolutions from passwords to biometrics, and beyond
  • Handling authentication on different devices and platforms

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