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Introducing E2E Tests to React Native Core | Ep. #26


Introduction to our podcast and guests

Introducing E2E Tests to React Native Core | Ep. #26

Let’s look at the introduction of E2E tests in RNTester: a stride towards more stable and efficient testing in React Native.

About our guests

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Szymon Rybczak – A 17-year-old React Native Developer with three years of experience. Started programming when he was 14 and is currently doing mobile app development at Callstack, what makes him the youngest developer in the company! In his free time, Szymon likes to discover new and interesting technologies.


Mateusz Ulańczyk – Started working as a QA in 2017. Has an experience in the automotive, financial, medical, and e-commerce fields. In the past, Mateusz tested a progesterone measurement device for the Federal Ministry of Health and new and prototyped Audi and Porsche vehicles.

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What's inside this Episode?

This episode of the React Native Show delves into the recent introduction of End-to-End (E2E) testing in RNTester. Join us as we unpack the thought process, technical considerations, and practical implementation of this new approach to testing in React Native.

In conversation with Mateusz Ulańczyk and Szymon Rybczak, the people directly involved in making this solution a reality, we'll cover:

  • the context and need for improvement in testing within the React Native ecosystem
  • the goal and expected outcomes of introducing E2E testing
  • the technical stack behind RNTester-E2E, including Appium and WebDriverIO
  • the workflow of RNTester-E2E in practice and how it operates on every PR
  • future plans for RNTester-E2E, including community involvement, device farm integration, and screenshot testing

This episode will give you a candid look at how E2E tests in RNTester can help reduce regressions, speed up releases, and ultimately lead to a more robust codebase. Tune in, and enjoy a more stable codebase and more pleasant work!

Here’s a list of resources to give you a better understanding of the topic:

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